Hands-on with IPTV on Xbox 360

Joystiq had a chance to check out Microsoft's IPTV offering for Xbox 360, announced earlier this week during Bill Gates' CES keynote...

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TheMART5234d ago

Nice one Outlaw

I really really want this soooo bad. Man those screens are bad ass nice. Only minor thing is I hope channels overhere in Europe will be HD soon also.

At this point in time its National Geographic and I don't think I'll be viewing that the whole evening although watching HD material is damn nice...

OC_MurphysLaw5234d ago

There has been lots of speculation around cost, extra equipment and the providers. I am really hoping this will not be a high cost add-on affair, but rather a low cost Tivo replacement in a generic kinda way. I realize it boasts more than Tivo but until I learn more it kinda is in that realm for me.

dissectionalrr5234d ago

this really makes me wonder how many *more* aces microsoft has up their sleeve. seems like every couple weeks they're announcing some huge new capability for the 360. not that im complaining, it's just amazing. they're really pulling out all the stops. i guess thats what being the largest commercial financial entity in the world can do for you, versus being in the red for 2 years ;)

Mikey_Gee5234d ago

.. but to be honest, I just wish they would open up the MOVIE and TV download section to other folks other than the USA.

That would make me happy!!