PAIN Amusement Park Screenshots

10 screenshots for PAIN Amusement Park

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Silogon3689d ago

A Tech Demo gone too far. These add on's and all these features were suppose to have come in a speedy fashiohn; not a year later. This game/tech demo for the havok engine is junk bunk.

shadowghost7523689d ago

It is still a pretty fun game anyway, not the best PSN game but good for a laugh

Cajun Chicken3689d ago

I find this game a great toy for the PS3, great fun for turns with friends.
Really looking forward to the expansion, if it has anything like Pain Bowling mode; its going to be a blast.

shadowghost7523689d ago

Cajun Chicken- I agree i also like the custom sound tracks as well,
PAIN trophies soon

HighDefinition3689d ago

Will make this game alot better.