My Nintendo Continues To Disappoint Half A Year Later

Despite some hype upon launch, Club Nintendo has instead proven to be quite the let-down and gamers are letting Nintendo know they aren't happy.

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SCW1982740d ago

It's the story of the Nintendo brand sadly.

peewee11016739d ago

i am still waiting for the free to play games for wii u and still nothing. :(

Cheezeman3000739d ago

It's ridiculous. I feel like they started it without a plan in mind for where it's going or... what the point of it even is.

TheColbertinator739d ago

Getting a sweet Mario cap with picking up a treasure trove of DS games was so awesome. Nintendo had a good thing going but the last couple of years have been left wanting.

The author made a good point. Perhaps the NX and a renewed focus on connecting with gamers might rekindle the magic.

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The story is too old to be commented.