XeNonX Preview: FIFA 09 (PS3)

Last month XeNonX's Anthony attended M Festival and got a hands on with FIFA 09. He gave some pretty in depth impressions on EA's latest game based on the beautiful game.

From the preview:
"The graphics have always been EA's strong point and this game doesn't disapoint. The build I played was six weeks old and I was told that the latest build of the game would be at Leipzig next week. Hopefully i'll be able to bring you guys some HD footage. Anyway, back to the graphics. As A Manchester United fan I was really impressed with the attention to detail that EA have put into the star players. I have wondered in the past if the team had looked at the players when creating their models but now everything seems in order Tevez looks like Tevez (he even has his scar) Ronaldo looks like Ronaldo (and acts like him too) and from what I saw all of the star players seem to have the right looks and traits to make the game even more realistic."

Read the full preview over at XeNonX.

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