Oculus Touch Is $199, Shipping December 6th, Final Design Revealed

At long last Oculus announced the Oculus Touch price and release date, confirming that the anticipated controllers will release this year.

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Thatguy-310800d ago

Wow 200$ for controllers. Good luck

bouzebbal799d ago

Lol this is made for trump he's the one who can afford it.
I sense a massive flop..

DragonDDark800d ago

2 of those and you could buy the Ps4Pro or PSVR lol

Chevalier799d ago

For the price of Oculus and those controllers you could buy both a PS4 and PSVR and be ready to go.

Ultr799d ago

As much as I loved the Bullettrain experience that I could test with these controllers. I would never buy them for 200. Thats just too much

Errorist76798d ago (Edited 798d ago )

People pay 150 for a single XBox elite controller which is much less sophisticated and sold in the millions.

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Aenea799d ago

So to get the complete Rift experience you need to spend $800/€900? That's, ehh, pricey.

korgun799d ago

Room scale feature costs an additional $79

Perjoss799d ago

so its...
$600 for the headset
$200 for the touch
$79 for the room scale thing
$5 for a bucket just in case you puke.

yes, its quite pricey

Aenea799d ago


And in Europe the headset itself is €700 and €200 for the controllers, no idea bout Euro pricing for the room scale thing.

King_Lothric799d ago

Don't forget you need a monster PC too (plus $1,000)

gamerswin24799d ago (Edited 799d ago )

And that my friends is why Sony decided to go with tech they already had and millions of consumers already bought previously. Very smart by Sony.

Of course touch will undoubetebly be leagues better but I'm ok with using move controllers if it means not having to pay hundreds more :)

etownone799d ago

Of course it's expensive, and much more expensive then ps VR.... That's because it's much better.

S2Killinit799d ago

Ive tried both, they are on par.

King_Lothric799d ago (Edited 799d ago )

General consensus is that the PSVR headset is the best design and more comfortable of the 3.

gedden7799d ago

$200 for the controller(s) Do they not understand that people dont have a lot of money???

radiantmind13799d ago

People have plenty of money. It's all relative. $20 is a lot for a homeless person, $200 is a lot for a McD's employee, $2000 is a lot for a middle class worker... there is a market for everyone, and they are pricing accordingly.

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The story is too old to be commented.