Facebook Investing a Total of $500 Million into VR Software

250 million has already been invested with another 250 to go towards future investment.

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DefenderOfDoom2742d ago (Edited 742d ago )

This is why competition is good . With SONY pushing their VR hard ,it forces the competition to step up their game. If i was in charge of SONY , i would invest more money in getting the tracking to better with camera

amiga-man742d ago (Edited 742d ago )

I doubt Sony will continue with the tracking it uses now, it does a good job but does have limitations too, VR will continue to evolve, smaller headsets, higher resolutions, more power, wireless etc.

This is first gen stuff and is just a taste of whats coming, but it's one hell of an appetiser.

Tacklebait742d ago

Agreed, I have a feeling that VR was intended for the next iteration of their console but with Oculus and Valve getting the ball rolling at little earlier they needed landed with the solution the have now. Which apparently works really good. If they were to release a new camera/ tracking system with what they currently have it would of jacked the prices up.

VR is totally in its infancy. Michael Abrash's perdiction for the next 5 years is very exciting.

742d ago
ji3200742d ago

im getting PSVR but i really want next version of psvr on playstation 5 with 4k resolution. Hopefully it will happen before 2020 and meantime i will enjoy my psvr and i want to support this tech so make sure it becomes mainstream. Sony did a great job that all psvr is compatible with Dualshock controller but i will use Move controller as well for more immersion.