Gigabyte GA-GC2300 - Atom comes to Mini-ITX (Bi-Tech Review)

Bi-Tech writes: "You see, Intel's Atom CPU is locked to a specific chipset so the features you get when you buy an Atom product will be identical across the board. This means that consumers know exactly what they are getting when they buy an Atom product, and it also means Intel doesn't risk cannibalising its other CPU and chipset lines if motherboard vendors decide to play pick'n'mix to try and yield out a competitive edge or use the very, very popular Atom brand in products it wasn't designed to power.

While understandable, this is frustrating for us as it means the 945G northbridge is extremely limited in what it offers in terms of graphical performance and the complete lack of PCI-Express, and the ICH7M southbridge only has a pair of SATA ports. To put it in perspective, it's barely Vista Aero capable."

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