The Mongoose

With the invaluable help of Robt. McLees, Bungie formally introduces you to The Mongoose, the newest addition to the UNSC's ever-expanding arsenal with which to wage war against the Covenant.

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THAMMER15234d ago

I can not wait to hit that thing with a rocket.

MicroGamer5234d ago

I think it would be great for capture the flag, zoom in grab flag, zoom off before anyone can do anything, and it is fast enough where there aren't many weapons in the game that can touch it, but the ones that can hit it absolutely destroy it with one shot. It has no other protection apart from speed and it doesn't look to have any weapons on board like other vehicles in the game.

Ravenator5295234d ago

Halo geeks just had an orgasm.

Marriot VP5234d ago

hey considering how freaking hard it is to capture a flag on some maps, this vehicle will be theh remidy. CAN'T WAIT.

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The story is too old to be commented.