Importing Fallout 3 is now pointless, with Bethesda changing the game globally.

From the article: "Despite the game being classified, Australian Gamers still want the "full game" and have been prepared to import it from the UK or New Zealand. Well now importing the game is pretty pointless with Peter Hines, VP of Bethesda telling The Edge there has been a "misconception" in thinking Australia will be the only ones getting the toned down copy.

"We want to make sure folks understand that the Australian version of Fallout 3 is identical to both the UK and North American versions in every way, on every platform.", said Peter Hines. "I didn't want people continuing to assume the version in Australia was some altered version when it's not.

While most companies would probably leave it be, Bethesda has made sure every region the game will launch in will receive the exact same copy on every platform, with no references to real world drugs."

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