Pearce: Warcraft IV is "definitely something we would consider"

Blizzard co-founder Frank Pearce told VG247 as Games Convention that a fourth WarCraft game is "definitely something we would consider".

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patlike4325d ago

is something I would probably consider as well.

LoVeRSaMa4325d ago

agreed, I Love Warcraft III although I am not a fan of WoW.

WarCraft IV would be an instant buy for me retrning back to the RTS styled Warcraft games =]

Panthers4325d ago

They would need to fill the story gap between 3 and 4 because I have no clue what happens in WoW. I have never played it and never will. I would love WC4 though.

Mike Bowden4325d ago

Makes complete sense if they do make it. They can do no worng atm. People will buy.

Daver4325d ago

Personnaly i think Warcraft suck, especially the 3rd... you had to run faster to lvl ur hero before everybody else, it was like a race
i prefer being more strategic for rts
Diablo and Starcraft are way better in my opinion, i never liked warcraft

PS360WII4325d ago

I hope he meant should consider! Warcraft rts games have always been awesome. I did enjoy 2 more then 3 but that's nit picking seeing I still fully enjoyed 3 :)

Ninja-Sama4325d ago

I rly do hope that they release a Wc4 sometime in the future...though with the release of SC2 slated for next year I highly doubt it :(