What Happens When Gaming Becomes A Chore?

Stephen Mitchell from Grab It writes:

"My 18-month old daughter had finally gone to sleep. As is my usual evening ritual, I trudged downstairs and plonked myself, bleary-eyed and exhausted from work, in front of the TV ready to game the remainder of the night away. For 10 minutes I stared blankly at the screen, unsure of what to play. My ever growing "pile of shame" beckoned to me with merciless taunts and jeers. The pressure to pick up a game - any game - merely to wipe off my backlog was immense. It was at that moment I had an epiphany: sadly, my wonderful hobby had become nothing more than a humourless chore."

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Chaos_Order2302d ago

When this happened to me I just took a break from gaming and did other stuff with my free time like reading, going for walks etc. Eventually I came back to gaming, and nowadays I mix up what I do with my free time.

MAULxx2302d ago

That moment when you know it's time for a break.
Well said Chaos.

Timesplitter142302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

Well.... it becomes a chore I guess

DefenderOfDoom22302d ago

Key thing is, never force yourself to play a video game . Let the feeling come naturally .

Summons752302d ago

If it becomes a chore than take a month or two off. There is nothing wrong with taking breaks from gaming . Watch movies, read, go hiking, just something different. Games should be fun and if you don't feel the fun anymore then it's probably time for a break. I'm sure we've all had moments like this, I had one not too long ago where I barely played games and nothing really held my interest. Now I've been doing a lot of coop or having a friend watch me play and I've gotten my passion back just in time for Gears, Destiny, Pokemon etc.

s45gr322302d ago

Gaming should be about the user being engaged in the gameworld not about fun (too limited). When a game fails to engage the gamer into its gameworld, lore, or story then the game developer has failed. I do admit too many games have released unable to keep up.

sullynathan2302d ago

Gaming should be about fun.

Allsystemgamer2302d ago

I don't care how "engaging" it is. If I'm not having fun doing it what's the point.

NapalmSanctuary2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

What the hell did I just read. If a game can't engage with its mechanics, its not much of a game. Story is all well and good but is completely secondary to the mechanical aspects. The story only matters once and should be there specifically to support the mechanics. Game mechanics, on the other hand, are what make games dynamic and worth more than a single play through. Why someone would spend $60 on a title for a mere 15-20 hours of play with little replay value, I'll never know, but I'll gladly pay $60 for a game that has real mechanical depth and a meaty gameplay experience, even if it has a campaign with less than 10 hours playtime. Some of the best games ever made can be played through in 3-5 hours... less for speed runs. And if a game isn't fun its worth neither money or time. If all a developer has managed to do is make a movie with interactivity being secondary to the cinematic aspects, while packaging it as a game, It sure as hell is not worth my time.

s45gr322302d ago

Is not just one thing that makes a game great is the whole enchilada. A game that engages the player in is far better than a game that is fun. An engaging game can be dramatic, make you 😢, laugh or terrified. A fun game cannot. An engaging game can never turn in a shore or bore the user because the user is engaged in the gameworld. A game that can deliver great gameplay mechanics, story, sound/🎶 is far better than a game that only delivers one trait.

Timesplitter142302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

"engaging" is a subset of fun

It's like when people say fun isn't the only thing that matters in games because there are great horror games out there. But like.... horror IS 'fun'. Story is 'fun', too. That's what they don't understand

Fun is basically the all-encompassing measure of how much you enjoy something, no matter the reason

NapalmSanctuary2302d ago

Exactly. How could it be engaging if it isn't fun?

jznrpg2301d ago

Depends on what the person wants , some ppl may want fun over your opinion.

sullynathan2301d ago

Lmao, you're the type of "gamer" that thinks metal gear is actually good.

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