New Dissidia Final Fantasy Famitsu Scans

Two new scans from this week's Famitsu issue feature the Final Fantasy IV characters that are included in Dissidia Final Fantasy, Cecil and Golbez. It seems that the player will be able to switch between a Paladin/Dark Knight while playing with Cecil.

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Sena Kobayashi3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

hope the game isnt really like tenkaichi , because in tenkaichi you dont really need skills to be good.

im of to another thread with my MAX SPEED!!!!

sumfood4u3742d ago

this should be the 2nd Square Fighting Game! denfentatly worth playing!

Baka-akaB3742d ago

hum its a license fighting game anyway people shouldnt expect anyway something deep and really balanced , and just have fun .

DarkBlood3742d ago

does anyone know when this will come out
i want this to kinda be my third psp game my first is god of war, second is final fantasy 7 crisis core since i just got the psp about a month ago for the first time. and i mostly probably get this type of game or rpg related sincei craved for them