DailyGame: Civilization Revolution Review

There are few games that stand the test of time and earn the title "legendary." Civilization is one of those games, a real-time-strategy game (RTS) that's deep enough to make other games seem trivial at best. Civ's fans are legion, and for the first time, franchise designer Sid Meier has decided to extend the series' reach to console gamers via Civilization Revolution for PS3 and Xbox 360. The next-gen consoles have seen a few RTS games, most notably EA's The Lord of the Rings games and Command & Conquer 3, but no one has come close to hitting the sweet spot. Microsoft hopes to hit that target with Halo Wars, but that's still a ways off. The key issue with all of these titles is the control scheme, something Sid Meier and his team focused on intently with Civilization Revolution. Did it succeed?

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Veronica Belmont3716d ago

I have to say it is a really good game and gets very addictive, however the online capabilities let the game down, I mean if you actually manage to get it online after hours of trying then you will be lucky to find 1 person in the whole world playing it. It is a pretty deep game but should have more options available to it as after two plays through youve pretty much built everything you can, the graphics and whole scale of the game is pretty good but it looks sharper on the PC as well as the scale being better as it features whole forests whereas the PS3 versions equivalent of a forest is 4 tree's. I dont think they should have any excsue for not making it look and feel as good as the PC version so in my opinion Id give it a 6.5.