Sony Ericsson Launching First Round of XPERIA X1s On September 30

Feel that heat, Touch Pro? That's right -- the Great QWERTY Smartphone War of 2008 is officially gearing up for kickoff now that Sony Ericsson has announced a firm date for the first handful of lucky countries to be scoop up the mighty XPERIA X1. Sweden, Germany, and the UK will be the inaugural launch sites come September 30, with no fewer than 32 more on tap in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America for the fourth quarter of the year. North America, China, Australia, and Russia are also listed as committed launch regions, though dates for those will be announced "in the coming months" -- scary verbiage considering that they weren't even willing to slap the Q4 label there. 2009's a long way off yet, and if there's a Touch Pro in front of us... well, let's just say that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, if you catch our drift.

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pwnsause4320d ago

well they're gonna have to release this phone now since their cell phone division is in trouble. i hope for the best for them. i really like their cell phones and im really interested for this one.

almanay4319d ago

i really like SE cell phones .. but i'll be getting htc touch pro this week

season0074319d ago

but now i have no idea about what should i do
arc slider and 800x640 resolution is just sweet...

typikal824319d ago

any official pricing yet?