Sex beast copied Grand Theft Auto

The Sun: A TEEN sex beast attacked four women in an imitation of violent computer game Grand Theft Auto, a court heard yesterday.
Ryan Chinnery, 19, prowled streets in his car targeting females he thought were prostitutes after becoming obsessed with the video nasty.

He assaulted his victims, none of them hookers, by night in a two-month period.

And the court was told he may have been influenced by the virtual reality game, in which a character drives around on "missions" - including approaching prostitutes who can be beaten up.

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OgTheClever3692d ago

Well then evidently you are not familiar with the sewer that is The Sun.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3692d ago

Just look at this douche... no wonder he has to prowl the streets pestering women.

Max Power3692d ago

what a gangstar!...word

BBCnewsrocks3692d ago

of how many idiots like him try to copy the hip hop look and fail miserably, i feel ashamed to be British because of these morons. Only black people can pull off that look, it's just fail whenever anyone else tries.

EnglishPatriot3692d ago

That my friend is called a chav. They think their hard when they walk around with knives in their pockets because they cant win a 1v1 bare fisted fight.

FantasyStar3692d ago

I thought they were called "wiggas"

m91058263692d ago

I'd be embarassed no matter what race I was to look like that douche...

BlackTar1873692d ago

But its the close minded thinking of only black people can look good like that. It reeks of ignorance I bet you say the same thing about blacks as cowboys no one ever thought maybe style is only dictated mildy by color but heavily by influence and influence is not color based at least to open minded people. Im not knocking you or anyone but Im just saying that its stereotypes like that the feed the fire is all.

pixelsword3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

...but that "look" is likely an online/afterschool persona. In Britian, last I checked, only private schools allowed their students to dress how they wanted. Public schools all had to wear suits like American private schools do.

Besides, for all we know, that's just the "worst" pic the Sun could find of him... like his parents would give that pic out to any newspaper.

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Deadman643692d ago

Glad to see your taking something like this seriously. It really shows character.

NarsilianShard3692d ago

notice how this stuff happens in England...not the states.

LeShin3692d ago

The guy should be hanged just for looking like a prick!

As for your comment, after all the shootings and other crimes (and there's a HUGE list) that that people in America blame on video games, your statement really does not hold any water.

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The story is too old to be commented.