X360: Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise Review

Yes, the piñata are easier to attract and you won't see fluffy chickens faffing about beside huge ears of corn because they're just over your garden's border, but all this creates is a situation where there's neither skill involved nor much in the way of interest. Surely tweaking the evolution criteria would have opened matters up more, but that would have required so much more work. Oh well, Viva Pinata will have to stay the adults' little secret, for now.

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QueefyB_Angelitos3716d ago

2008: The Year of the 360 flops

marionz3716d ago

ok you dont have to like the xbox but going to the lengths of posting your spam comments in 360 articles just goes to show how sad you really are, maby things will start looking up for you once you hit puberty fool.