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PlayStation VR stands out as offering the best combination of accessibility, content, and power, and earns our Editors' Choice.

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S2Killinit1722d ago

Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive as expected. Im just hyped to show off VR to my brother who has not seen VR before lool. Im going to record him. Just gotta find the perfect game to scare the crap out of him. He has a fear of hights. I think The Walk would be a good one to start him off with.

IamTylerDurden11722d ago

Here They Lie is a day 1 game.

S2Killinit1722d ago

thanks I gotta check it out then. I believe that's a horror game. I was thinking of getting at least one horror title. RE7 will have to wait since its not coming out at launch.

G20WLY1722d ago

Man! I can't believe even PC mag says it's the best choice!! Screw loyalty, these guys have looked at the whole package and accepted that PSVR is VERY tough to beat. Let's hope for ALL VR, current and future, that it can succeed in bringing VR to the masses - certainly looks promising!

Red_Renegade1722d ago

it's weird how none of the people in the one or two negative articles are here saying i told you so.

S2Killinit1722d ago

that's because they secretly want one.

IamTylerDurden11722d ago

PSVR is getting great reviews just as we all expected. I can't wait until October 12th, 11 59 pm when i go to pickup my preorder. I have physical preorders for Rigs, Arkham, Driveclub, Loading Human, and Battlezone as well.

Ozmoses1722d ago (Edited 1722d ago )

Despite all the positive reviews and buzz. I'm waiting for now.

Just not ready yet. I think I might not have enough space in my bedroom.

But that video from Digital Foundry the guy was sitting super close to his tv with the PSVR headset on.. I definitely don't sit that close to my tv. (around the 3:55 mark)

My tv is on a cabinet and I probably have about 3-4 feet of open space before you'd hit the edge of my bed/mattress.

in the PSVR FAQ from PS BLOG they recommend that you use the PSVR while "SEATED" but at the same time the diagram they show you for "recommended space" wants you to have a whole bunch of free space behind you as well.

the diagram shows a dude in a chair.

so I mean I think I have enough space but I dunno. I mean they say stay seated. I currently sit on the floor between my tv and bed when I play games now.. So if I got the PSVR I would just scoot back and sit on the edge of my bed/mattress.

I mean I've played my friends Vive. like Tiltbrush, Audio Shield and Pirate Simulator. for those I did need space because I was like actually moving my feet and stuff. So in that regard I dunno if PSVR will be the same or different.

Either way I'm rambling on now. I'll probably wait until 2018 when the 2nd iteration of PSVR is introduced..

But I'm watching closely and following the news. I might pull the trigger sooner.

Ozmoses1722d ago (Edited 1722d ago )

why the disagrees?? because I'm not getting it?

I didn't trash it once..

I have a legitimate concern about not having enough space in my bedroom...

Sounds plausible to me.

N4G disagree trolls never sleep.. people can't even post honest truthful comments..

G20WLY1721d ago

Relax man, I'm guessing people disagreed because you're waiting and they're not. Doesn't matter about disagrees, you're your own person and you'll do what you damn well like, right?

The Vive does need plenty of space, but actually PSVR doesn't thanks to the way the camera interacts with the lights on the headset and controllers, coupled with the motion sensors. You should be fine with the space you've described.

IamTylerDurden11721d ago

PSVR needs the least space of the 3.

Skillz12151722d ago

i want one so bad can't wait to start work