Apple: "No Nike+iPhone for you!"

Ars technica writes: "If you're a Nike+iPod user (as many of you know I am), you were probably quite excited to hear that new iPod touches have Nike+ compatibility built into them. Not only does this mean you don't have to plug in the little dongle at the bottom like you do on an iPod nano (what the system was originally built for), it's also the first non-nano device that the whole thing works with. Horray!

But, if you're like me, you also thought to yourself "Where the hell is this feature in the iPhone?" Many of you have e-mailed or Twittered in my direction asking whether Apple has indicated it plans to introduce the feature to iPhones anytime soon. Some of you even have the very optimistic hope that Friday's launch of iPhone 2.1 will contain hidden functionality to enable it. Unfortunately if you thought that, you would be very wrong."

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SaiyanFury4318d ago

I have no desire for any apple product. I have my 4GB Sansa for music and my Blackberry Curve for my phone. No apple needed. And I didn't spend a lot of money either.