October is a Serious Month for Games on PlayStation 4

The month of October will be a strong month for gaming and the PlayStation 4, with a plethora of top titles releasing on the console.

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Relientk771817d ago

Also Aragami is releasing. Tenchu inspired stealth game. Sign me up.

Davemyrose5921817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

I just beat aragami and it's actually very good, it's pretty hard and you die often but at least no load time between deaths

miyamoto1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Dragon Quest Builders is recieving 9 and 9.5 scores like crazy too.
I mean those are like Uncharted 4 scores.

CocoaBrother1817d ago

4 multiplatform games and a peripheral aren't exactly 'serious' in my opinion.
List should've had World of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest Builders.

the_mack_attack31817d ago

PlayStation VR is pretty serious to be honest. Rise of the Tomb raider releasing a platform where gamers had to wait almost a year is a big deal for those who love the series. I think what you wanted to say is, "The games I like aren't on the list".

CocoaBrother1817d ago

"I think what you wanted to say is, "The games I like aren't on the list"."

No, not really cause the games mentioned can be played on PC and Xbox One so why only serious for PS4? The only thing that stands out on the list for PS4 is PSVR.
For those who are looking forward to or want PSVR, power to them and I hope they enjoy it but personally, it's not something I want. When it says "serious month for games", I feel adding a peripheral to the list of "games" isn't right because it isn't a game.

S2Killinit1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

A "prepheral" is an understatenent. The thing has FIFTY games coming for it in two months. With 30 of them a ailable right off the bat.

But i totally agree Dragon Quest Builders should be on the list. Its awesome with 9 and 10 scores.

phoenixwing1817d ago

World of Final Fantasy is definitely on my radar. I'm not even buying other games, although maybe down the line i'll buy dragon quest builders.

FinalFantasyFanatic1816d ago

I have to agree, I've seen better months for PlayStation, although I'm surprised they didn't include World of Final Fantasy because the series almost always a big deal when a new entry is released. Titanfall could be good or it could be bad, based on the Beta players feedback I don't have high expectations anymore so I'll be holding off and waiting to see what the fallout is like.

zeuanimals1816d ago

A "peripheral" isn't serious? What if it has a ton of games of its own? And it's not serious because you don't care about it? I don't care about Smash Bros. but I can't say it's release wasn't a "serious" thing, especially considering how beloved it is.

Sunny_D1816d ago

The article states games on PlayStation. Not games you can't play on other consoles. Those are games you can play on the PS4 yes? Then the article is correct. What are you complaining about?

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Servbot411817d ago

Almost everything I wanted from October got delayed. Sure are a lot of shooters though, kinda a wash if you don't like shooting.

Hugodastrevas1816d ago

Can't wait for Titanfall 2 and World of Final Fantasy!

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