Kingdom Hearts Wii – A Series Savoir?

The recent rumours from Japan that Kingdom Hearts is set to hit the Nintendo Wii has sparked excited speculation across the web. One man who feels the series is tiring discusses how a Wii sequel could potentially save the series from becoming a bore.

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specialguest5229d ago

with Wii being the family-friendly console it is, this game series would sell instantly. if SquareEnix want huge sells and profits, then Nintendo is the way to go.

Odiah5229d ago

Plus it's a killer franchise

Monchichi0255229d ago

I can honestly say that as a former PS fan, this is the only game I would have missed now that I'm a 360 fan!!! I will be picking up a Wii very soon so now I got nothing to miss!!! Glad I dumped Sony!!!

True Gamer5228d ago

You do realize that this is only a rumor, right?