Kojima Mentions Ad Campaigns and Sell-Off Tactics

The advertising campaign for Metal Gear Solid 4 was huge. The hype for that game, years in the making, was enormous. It was pushed hard before there were playable demos, and the game's creator, Hideo Kojima, raised expectations with big promise after big promise. It's curious that on the job announcement page for the Kojima Productions site, Hideo Kojima states:

"The creativity of video games is now on the verge of crisis. Massive advertising campaigns are executed for games before their entertainment values are put into consideration all too often, resulting in sell-off tactics happening without hesitation."

And while Kojima and his team did deliver a first class title and while the game did provide a PS3 sales spike, the final product still hasn't sold a million copies in Japan. That might be because MGS is as popular with the home team crowd or whatever. The irony is that Konami is guilty of the hype Kojima seems so critical of.

And apparently, Japanese stores cannot return unsold product to distributors.

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Lucreto4313d ago

Or the dumpsters full on Halo 3.

InMyOpinion4313d ago

Not sure it's even sold 3 million worldwide yet. With all the hype surrounding it I expected it to sell at least over 4 million.

shine13964313d ago

erm...If I remember correctly, way back on August 5th, sales data were acccounted for at least 3.94 million, so I don't know where you got the 3 million figure from...

clintos594313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

The game has sold well for a game that is only directed at its harcore mgs fans and for a game that wasnt even advertised to hell and back like halo 3 was it still managed to sell very well and it will continue to sell. I think they should advertise MGS4 for the holidays and bundle it with the $399 sku sony is bringing out. This game can still sell more especially with the great reviews it had.

Any ps3 owner out there looking for a great game rather u aint a fan of mgs is missing out on the best game to come out this next gen if u dont own this game.

InMyOpinion4313d ago

I agree. I think a "relaunch" of the game this holiday would boost it's sales.

AAACE54313d ago

Not to sound fanboyish... but didn't all the fanboys say that MGS was suppose to sell close to Halo 3 and CoD 4 and such, after they replenished stock from it selling out?

What happened? Especially in japan, where they say japanese people will sell MGS 4 like crazy?

PirateThom4313d ago

Metal Gear Solid games have never sold over a million in Japan, but MGS4 was the best selling one to date, so I'd say it did pretty well.

Worldwide, it's about on par with Metal Gear Solid 3 (which had a much bigger install base to work with) and lagging only slightly behing Metal Gear Solid 2.

mindedone4313d ago

You should probably find find these fanboys and call them on it instead of making blanket questions. I personally don't recall anyone saying that it would sell like Halo did.

Megaton4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

This is the 2nd time I've seen Kotaku claim MGS4 had a huge ad campaign (the first time they called it an advertising juggernaut because they were giving away handbags with PS3 purchases in Japan). They ran commercials starting about 2 weeks before release, and that's huge advertising to them?