ELSPA says 2006 was record year for UK games industry

ELSPA has declared that the British videogames industry hit an "all time high" in 2006 with a 7 per cent increase in the number of games sold - bringing the total figure to 65.1 million units.

All-formats sales totalled GBP 1.36 billion - a new record, according to ELSPA, and an increase of 1 per cent over the figure for 2005.

The majority of console games purchased were for PlayStation 2, followed by Xbox 360, Xbox, Wii and GameCube. PC titles did well, with software sales up 7 per cent - making 2006 the platform's "best year ever".

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Mr Pumblechook5238d ago (Edited 5238d ago )

PS2 sells prove that it isnt just about specification.

Microsoft thought the xbox1 would outsell the ps2 because it had better graphics, but the ps2 did better because it had a better range of software.

Microsoft thought the xbox360 would outsell the ps2 because it had better graphics, but the ps2 is still doing better because it has a better range of software, that appeals to mainstream and not just the homo fanboys like John Carmack kissing the bum of Bill Gates.

Harry5237d ago

homo fanboys?

personally i didnt like the xbox much either, same as the PS2 in my opinion. But the only reason why the PS2 outsold is the casual gamer market. Those people that think a 'new game' is a re-hash of an old EA sports game with a new title, or those people that buy a game just becasue it has blood in it as blood in a game obviously makes it an adult game.