140° Impressions- Socom Beta

After much anticipation and a short delay, the SOCOM Confrontation beta officially launched last friday. The servers were bogged down with all the PS3 owners ready to get their first taste of the Nex-Gen SOCOM. The download moved quite slowly but we didnt care, as long as we got our game we love.

The game itself (when working that is) is suprisingly well done. From the vast customization to the great voice communication, the game ranks up with some of the best. We all got angry numerous times at the game as it will take forever to load, boot you off the servers, and not start the game until everyone "Greens up". This is a sacrifice that we all must understand, as this is a BETA. They do this for a reason so these problems can be resolved for the final product. Aside from the issues, the game itself is solid. It has the classic SOCOM feel with a Nex-Gen spin on it. I love this new game to death and can tell that it will do well for the SOCOM community.

We will all be counting down the days to the final product, and to finally try out the new bluetooth headset from sony. I will have a full review of the game and the headset when they release this october. See everyone in the beta in the mean time.


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sonarus4313d ago

socom is looking like a hit

marinelife94313d ago

Like shooting fish in a barrel

rebirthofcaos4313d ago

well what do you expect from a sony ¡¡¡¡¡ EXCLUSIVE GAME¡¡¡¡

sonarus4313d ago

cough lair, cough NBA 09, cough haze:D

clintos594313d ago

I mean yes alot of these exclusives may have had bomb reviews but there are people out there who enjoy these games. Heck too human, ninja gaiden 2, and infinite undiscovery, and lost odyssey, and crackdown all were failures too but alot of people still enjoyed those games. Just because a few exclusives have had bad reviews, doesnt mean everyone hates those games.

PoSTedUP4313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

lair is great. (if you like sixaxis) and they fixed the controls ok so that settles that cause the only problem was the controls ok.

haze wasnt a nex gen game and it did kinda suck but alot of [people liked the online.

NBA 09 isnt out yet *cough* but its getting great previews *cough* story mode *cough*

NBA 08 was the sh*t and imo was better than the other basketball games, the gameplay was great and the shot meter was the best and made it really awesome.

right now i only own ps3 exclusives and ALL of them are GREAT ok.

P.S. socom confrontations is the greatest online game i have ever played and everyone that i have played with online (socom vets) agree with me that its better than socom2 and cod4. socom will be thee game to get for October.

Panthers4313d ago

You should say First Party exclusive. Socom is owned by Sony since they bought Zipper.

sonarus4313d ago

lol nah i just think its silly to assume all exclusives will be awesome. Too human, infite undiscovery recent examples

mfwahwah4312d ago

I lol'd at Sonarus' comment. Some people need to calm down, since he kind of DOES make a point, ya know? Not every exclusive in necessarily AAA material. Not saying SOCOM will flop, but you can't say "this game is obviously good because it is a PS3 exclusive."

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DLB4313d ago

i cannot wait until the final product is released

SK9Network4313d ago

but if they are fun, and people go out and buy it, then in the right mind the game has done well, yes the good reviews are nice, but the sales are what they ultimately are looking for, and how fun it is plays a big part in it

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