Japanese Disaster: Day of Crisis TV Spots Reveal Japanese Release Date

Nintendo of Europe recently revealed that Disaster: Day of Crisis would be released on October 24th. Now, a series of Japanese television spots have revealed that Japan will have the game a month earlier. So when does the US get it? Will it be in time to be the title for traditional gamers this holiday season?

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TheColbertinator3743d ago

It looks like a mix of some run and gun with platforming.The graphics are pretty good for the Wii and it looks polished.I'm glad Nintendo put some money down for this one

chanmasta3743d ago

I'm pre-ordering this from Gamestation, this game looks awesome.

Another hardcore Nintendo game, what else could I want?

propheta3743d ago

Apart from Nintendo's own top of the line releases, Disaster seems to be one of the few interesting titles for the Wii, though very much inspired in the Zettai Zatsumei Toshi series by Irem.

ChickeyCantor3743d ago

Even this title didn't got any attention, and i bet same will happen to all other Nintendo titles.
It just shows that they really won't release any info untill close to release date.

Game looks interesting =). I'll usre check it out.

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The story is too old to be commented.