Super Mario Maker 3DS Proves Nintendo's Recent Laziness

Super Mario Maker for 3DS is yet another example of Nintendo's laziness. Is there still hope for the future of great 3DS exclusives?

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2819d ago

let's see here we have
Pokemon Sun & Moon
Ever Oasis
Tank Troopers
Mario Sports Superstars
Dragon Quest VIII
Dragon Ball Fusions
Lady Layton
Pikmin 3DS (Spinoff)
The Snack World

Need localization of:
Monster Hunter Stories
Puzzle & Dragon X
Etrian Odyssey V
Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3
Inazuma Eleven Ares
Yo-kai Watch 3
Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time

We just had:
7th Dragon III Code: VFD
Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse
Dragon Quest VII
Yo-Kai Watch 2
River City: Tokyo Rumble
Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice

Player3Podcast2819d ago

I agree. I think the 3ds as a platform is really healthy. The ports are bad for the WiiU, but that's been floundering for quite some time.

NXSwitch2818d ago

Another hate clickbait news. F'n 3ds is on fire & so much great games it has right now is unmatched! I'm still addictive to all MH, FE, & many more.

Player3Podcast2819d ago

The WiiU has been abandoned for the most part, and it makes total sense. I don't mind these games being ported over.

NXSwitch2817d ago

Same here. I have been buying on both systems & will continue to do so. The only thing I won't buy is Nes-Snes games on the VC as they have yet to complete the library with 3rd party ones & I'll only rebuy them if they remaster them in the 3ds 3d classic vc. But ya Zelda Wii U & the NX release one I'm buying both.

PhoenixUp2819d ago

There's little justification for SMM on the 3DS to be missing such essential features when LBP on the similarly powered PSP had them.

On LBP Portable you could customize the look of your character as well as share and play levels uploaded online. On SMM 3D you can not do any of this.

LOL_WUT2818d ago

The Nintendo Network isn't even up to par to PSN when that was free ;)

TheFirstClassic2817d ago

Downloading fan levels was a big part of the game on wii u, it really should have been in the handheld version.

Segata2818d ago

LBP planet was not the first to do it. PSP was doing it with Mega Man Powered Up. Where LBP got the idea.

PhoenixUp2818d ago

@ Segata

Who said LBP was the first platformer to have a level editor?

I said game like this on a handheld shouldn't be lacking such essential features.

PlatinumGX2818d ago

This is why I will hold off on buying the NX, whatever it is. Nintendo has been extremely lazy and making a lot of unispired games or simply porting Wii U games to the 3DS.

The VC is still lacking big time. Also they simply decided to cut off Wii U support, which is understandable but they don't make up for it in any way.

2818d ago
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Xbox Studios Boss: We "Deserve a Pretty Positive Grade" for Xbox Games Showcase

Xbox Game Studios boss Matt Booty thinks they "deserve a pretty positive grade" for the recent Xbox Games Showcase

phoenixwing13h ago(Edited 13h ago)

You bought it all around six months ago. You spent billions because the company is literally inept but yeah a plus man

OtterX13h ago

It's like a kid that pays the smart kid in class to do his science fair project for him, then brags "Hey, look what I made! That's an A+ effort right there!"

GamerRN5h ago

Wait didn't Sony buy all the great studios THEY own also? So Microsoft is a villain for trying to catch up?

OtterX2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

@GamerRN the only example I can think of that you're referring to is Bungie with Destiny? Maybe a few others that were already in financial risk of closure?

Almost all the others were long nurtured studios that Sony help build up from their beginnings. Insomniac for instance is what it is today because of Sony's support from the early PS1 days from Spyro to Ratchet & Clank onward. (Or for me, the hidden gem Disruptor) Insomniac even gave Microsoft a chance w Sunset Overdrive and hardly anyone bought it, so Insomniac saw MS as a wasted effort. They probably heard about the Gamepass plans early on b4 it was announced and ran. Gamepass is where games go to die bc unless you're in the 5% most successful titles, you're in risk of your game, and possibly your studio dying off.

-Foxtrot11h ago

Here’s the thing and I know it’s going to cause a stir like it’s some fanboy bullshit but it needs to be said

Microsoft did indeed have a great showcase, no way about it, they did

BUT…theres a lot of ways to go about it

We’ve been moaning for years how studios constantly keep showing off games that are years away and the thing is this is exactly what Microsoft has done this year

Simple reveal trailers to fully showing of a bit of gameplay, it’s irrelevant the fact is Microsoft already revealed Perfect Dark, Fable, State of Decay, Avowed, Indiana Jones before the showcase and some of those titles were revealed a LONG time ago. They did the same thing with Hellblade 2 for a while until it finally released, it always felt it was at every show. Gears of War had no release date so how many shows is that going to be at realistically? I just assumed going by the comments online people hated this sort of stuff and yet the next they praise it. We’ve still got other games MS revealed a while back and will get more re-reveals in the future so the same will happen again.

Then you have multiplatform games on top of all that because let’s be honest between the Summer Game Fest and Microsofts Showcase you’ll want to reveal your games at something more established and bigger so these big third party studios will chose Microsoft to show their games at since Sony hasn’t got any presence at these shows and people like EA don’t really do their own shows because they are always terrible.

It just feels like overtime, if Microsoft finally go third party in the next few years, the Microsoft Showcase will basically become a third party mini E3 show more multiplatform developers will want to get in on as long as there’s an Xbox version.