GameZone: Women's Volleyball Championship Review

EA and 2K Sports have made a host of sports simulators that were not only deep and realistic but also very fun. Wii Sports took depth and intricate controls out of the picture, replacing them with simple motion-based actions, and still came out fun. During the 80s and 90s, arcade developers used a variety of styles to create sports games whose memories would outlast the venue for which they were originally developed. This is unbreakable proof that the genre knows no bounds. It can be entertaining in any shape or form.

The thing about the word "can," however, is that it does not have any amount of certainty attached to it. Just as a new sports concept – or some variation of an existing one – has the potential to rock our worlds, there is also the possibility that it will fall flat on its face. That happens to be the case for Women's Volleyball Championship, an all-girl volleyball game developed exclusively for – this one's a shocker – PlayStation 2.

Gameplay 1.7
Graphics 2
Sound 1
Difficulty Easy/Med
Concept 5
Multiplayer 1
Overall 1.9

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