Heavenly Sword Dated For Yanks

The we-can't-wait-to-buy-it Heavenly Sword has gotten dated. The title will drop March 6th in the US according to Sony Computer Entertainment of America's website. No word on Japan yet. This red-headed "Goddess of War" game got generally favorable reviews (impressions?) at last year's E3.

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achira5239d ago

cool news, cant wait for this game!

xbox nerd5239d ago

I hope i don't regret pleging my alliance to Xbox 360, because if this game and Motorstorm followed By Finial Fantasy; and Metal Gear turn out to be top games i won't just pee my pants i'll play World of War craft for 60 hours untill i pass out and die.

kornbeaner5239d ago

I think my $600 have just started paying for itself. 4 months into launch and we get a AAA title WOW! this truely great news. Hopefully this is the beginning of big things happening for Sony.

Odiah5239d ago

What's so good about this game?

rowdy 15239d ago

Can't wait for GOd of War too.

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The story is too old to be commented.