New 360 Games Copied to HDD Won't Load Much Faster

With the new Fall Update for the Xbox 360, that is most likely slated for November, you gain the possibility to play any Xbox 360 game from your local hard drive. "Not only will the drive not spin, but load times are quicker, as well," promised Microsoft's Major Nelson. But will that really reduce load times noticably? Xbox Product Manager Germany Boris Schneider-Johne states in a utmost interesting interview with that this won't be the case for the majority of 360 games.

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tocrazed4you3780d ago

Sucks I guess.... The game should always be loaded faster and have better quality in AA plus Framerate.

Stryfeno23780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

I disagree

InfiniteUnfloppery3780d ago

This is the Flopbox we're talking about,the Toaster isn't known for providing a Smooth Gaming experience.

Tweeperz3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

its an outdated toaster :'(

Spread Butt Cheeks3780d ago

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ps3killin3603780d ago

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Aquanox3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

This will never see an end.

The difference will not be noticeable in most games because the vast majority already load very fast. In other words, you will barely ever need to install game to reduce load times. Only those with really heavy content will be benefit from this, i.e. Mass Effect (2), Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fable 2, etc... (mostly RPGs)

For the rest, their load perfectly on the original DVD.

On the other hand, the problem with the Playstation 3 is that developers have found that the Blu-ray is too slow even for regular games like DMC4 (2xBlu-ray < 12X DVD) so they had to make a mandatory installation to get through it.

This is why the installations on the Xbox 360 are optional, whereas they are forced on the PS3. Even more, you can install all the games you want in the 360... though not necessary.

That's the summary of all this talk. Please avoid reading generic and fanboyish comments like the one above.

Pain3779d ago

XBOX 2 was never DESIGNED to do such a thing just a software patch so its no brainer.

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White-Sharingan3780d ago

whats the point of them then? wtf?

BoBo333780d ago

To extend the life of your drive.

TOSgamer3780d ago

I'd rather extend the life of my hard drive. You know the thing that holds all the important data.

Fox013780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

if downloading the game to your hard drive doesn't make it faster, it fills up your hard-drive and you still have to leave the DVD in the drive for authentification, why bother at all??

Megatron083780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

what the point of having mandatory installs for the ps3 only to have it load at the same speed as 360 version or at best 1/10 of a sec faster ?

plus the source for this is from Germany given that MS is based in the USA I'll take Major Nalson word over his

barom3780d ago

Load times for PS3 games with mandatory installs is actually often only half that of 360 or less.

sack_boi3780d ago

"MUCH FASTER". so it'll still load faster.

Recent games are already optimzed, their load times are piratically inexistant (1-5 sec). It'll will help older ones or RPGs as someone said. I can see Fable 2 taking advantage of this... I'm still looking foward to this.

hfaze3780d ago

Well, for legitimate users... I would say that there's not much of an advantage...

But considering that Microsoft is using the DVD disc to validate that you have the game, I'm willing to bet that it will not take long for a DVD drive custom firmware to fake out the validation process...

If so, then I may not sell my 360 after all... ;-)

3780d ago
thewhoopimen3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

I am thinking the hard disk advantage is dependent upon the file size of the game. Most 360 games won't load faster because they are designed to fit and stream off a DVD. I can 100% guarantee for example that Final Fantasy XIII will load ALOT faster when installed on a HD then swapping and streaming 6-7 discs.

deeznuts3780d ago

well will it stop the DVD drive from spinning? Because my brand new elite sounds like an unbalanced dvd player to explode!

AAACE53780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

Some people are just stupid!

OK, After you load the game to a HDD, you will need the disc in the tray so the 360 has proof that you have the game. It spins as proof to activate the stored info, and then stops. Then you are basically playing from the HDD while saving your disc drive from additional wear and tear (Which is a major reason alot of consoles in the past gave out).

The ideal HDD to have for this is the 120gb.

And you can tell alot of people didn't read the article and just wanted to say something bad about it!

ReBurn3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )


The difference is that on the 360 you actually have a choice. If people were forced to install on the 360 like they are on the PS3 then you would have a valid point.


The PS3's load times with installs are not really faster than the 360's without installs, and it certainly isn't half the time for PS3. GTA IV and SC IV are perfect examples of that. The load times between 360 and PS3 are virtually the same, with maybe 1-2 seconds faster on the PS3 in some spots. But not significantly faster to justify the install sizes and times. The optional SC IV install shores up the PS3 version's performance, but all it does is bring the load times into line with the 360 version. There are still times when you wait 15-20 seconds in story mode for the game to load, even after install.

If you want an example of why the PS3 needs installs look at Motorstorm. That game has the most frustrating load times of any game I've played this generation. It literally takes 10-15 seconds to load each vehicle on the vehicle select screen, then it takes forever to load the actual race.

JoySticksFTW3780d ago

The installs help. I only own a PS3, but have friends with 360's. The two games that really stood out with significantly less load times on PS3 due to the installs were SCIV (about 30 seconds less) and Oblivion (which was minutes more on the 360 when your inventory grew large, maybe because the 360 version had to load in the inventory?)

Either way, even Game Informer commented on the SCIV difference in load times when comparing 360 v PS3 (although the admitted that the load times, were not a deal-breaker. They only suggested getting the PS3 version because of the better D-pad)

gamersday083780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

"Optional"? Yea...LMAO.

Wii and PS3 both don't have "optional" installs and they still beat the crap out of That's what I call PAAAWWWAAAA!

Perjoss3780d ago

"whats the point of them?"

well if you use dvd drive less it will last longer, somepeople already complaining that thier drive is crapping out, lets face it the 360 is not the most robust console ever made, if you can even out the work load between the dvd and the hard drive it will help alot.


I can see Oblivion, Mass Effect, Fable 2, GTA4 and many other games run much smoother with the game installed on the HDD.

Montrealien3780d ago

well the fact that the speed of the 360's drive makes for games loading just as fast as PS3 "installed" games, this does make sense imho. I'm sure some games will have improved loading speed, even though we are used to quick loading on the 360 already, at least compared to non installed PS3 games.

Darkiewonder3779d ago

It's a game of Roulette. spin the drive to install the game. if it dies you're screwed. If not, then you have another day to install another game.

I'll stick to keeping the drive spinning then.

potenquatro3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

that's for every gamer to ask themself that. it's optional,so if you don't like it or don't find a reason for it, you don't have to install and just play it from the disc. IT'S AN OPTIONAL INSTALL FEATURE just like the ps3...oh wait. I like it cause of no switching discs on multiple disc games. not that I mind but i'm lazy.

himdeel3779d ago

...a much smoother transition as oppose to switching DVDs. As long as you don't need to change from disc 1 to 2 when playing parts of a game from disc two. I think it's a nice option nothing more nothing less.

pixelsword3779d ago

...the 360 may will be decompressing texture files to the drive perhaps, trading quality for load time... which will lessen the need for multiple discs, perhaps?

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Darkiewonder3780d ago

Pointless feature then?

Thanks Microsoft.

wicked3780d ago

It was done because people complain about the noise of the DVD drive spinning, and not to improve load times. So if you don't have a problem with the noise or have a newer model with a quieter DVD drive then don't use the feature and save the HDD space.

Tarasque3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

It was not done cause of the DVD drive being loud and it is not pointless, to many close minded people focusing on loading times and it is not because of that either. It can keep from having to stream compressed texture off the disk. This way you can stream uncompressed textures from the harddrive.

@gamersday08, There is a difference between optional install's and mandatory 20 min install's, big difference there bud. You have a choice unlike the latter.

Stryfeno23780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

"We now allow the customer to install games on their hard drive. This is optional, you don't have to do it"....Well we you heard it here first folks...Optional installs. For all you droids that can't read english I got that covered.

Spanish Droids
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Korean Droids
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pwnsause3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

1. that was the worst spanish ever

2. GTAIV on the PS3 loads faster than the 360 version because of HDD installs

3.the RROD console is currently getting its *ss whooped by the PS3 for the last 9 months.


4. That was also the worst Japanese ever.

juuken3780d ago

He used babelfish. >.>

cemelc3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

Dude you're trashing spanish.

Perfect your English first and then start learning spanish.

Even if he is using a translator :"usted don' t tiene que hacerlo " learn how to use the program first

Shadow Man3780d ago

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TheColbertinator3780d ago

Callanse lo sico todos ustedes.

Dyingduck3780d ago

FOR what purpose? So it won't scratch your face I mean disc??

You get NADA out of installing on HDD unlike the PS3's faster loading time and smoother frame-rate...failed

karlostomy3780d ago


Obwohl Wir im grossen und ganzen gleiche Meinung haben, ist deine Deutsche Uebersetzung mangelhaft!

Better stick to English, before the grammar Police shows up.

oh wait

TheMurderer3780d ago

The beauty of the 360 OPTIONAL installs means that it will give gamers the options to decrease load times (especially on older games, which SOME PEOPLE still play), and reduce issues like pop-in. GTA IV will probably run just as good on the 360 now.
Also, the 360 versions of games are optimized to their best so that they have shorter load times without having to install. This is just an extra push for it. The PS3 versions with mandatory installs are programmed with the idea of installs from the BEGINNING, meaning less choices for the gamer and more reliance on having HD space just to play the game. It's almost becoming a handicap. At least 360 gamers have a choice.

Shane Kim3780d ago

the murderer

What choice? Half of the xflop league don't even have hard drives.

Shepherd 2143779d ago

1. Actually pwnsause according to the NPD sales, the 360 outsold the ps3 in May by 900 units, and im sure thats not the only time since then thats happened, so no, not 9 months, sorry.
2. Even then, the 360 was launched a full year before the PS3 and has been in the lead for a year and a half in software and hardware sales, not to mention the are over 12 million subcribers to xbox live(service you pay for), far more than that of PSN(free).

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BIoodmask3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

"There are prominent examples, for instance: Project Gotham Racing 3, one of the first games for the Xbox 360. There the load times have been very long; those are going to get reduced immensely. Recent games are already optimized; there the gain is relatively small."

All he says is that older games will benefit more from installs because they are less optimized thus having longer load times than newer titles. So in newer games the install gains will obviously be less and less noticable. Which is actually a good thing because that means that newer games are seeing shorter load times to begin with.

Common sense would tell you that games streaming off the HDD is faster than disk read speed.

3780d ago
3780d ago
BoBo333780d ago

What's it like having a PS3 that loads so slow that installs are MANDATORY?

Blademask3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

I had to buy a HDD to play it online. Wait well no, I didn't feel that bad. Because then I felt ripped off that I had to spend 120 dollars on top of my live account on top of the 60 bucks for the actual game. Then I wanted to play it wifi, but yea another 90 dollars there..

So compared to that and Oblivion? I doesn't feel that bad. Like do you mean the physical FEELING I had when I had to get up and swap out discs when I was playing Lost Odyssey? Like that was a feeling. The feeling of me getting up, walking to my media closet.. and replacing discs like it was 1995.

When I want to play games on my PC, I have to install them. I don't mind though because like the PS3, I have 320gigs of space to use for installs. Much like the fall update will do for the 360, allow HDD installs that I'll probably use.

Kinda like the way UT3 came with the option to install. And other titles.

But Most gamers from PC backgrounds are used to installing, I can go and get a quick bj or hj while its installing, and then when I come back the load times are less.

In the case of second to none titles like Uncharted though, with jaw dropping visuals that are the best looking out--according to gametrailers, It has no install. The entire game streams. But I guess that goes against your slow loading logic? Same with GTA4's loading times too right?

MGS4 though, although its AAA and also second to none when it comes to everything according to folks at ign, its apparently a perfect game-- had mandatory installs that I didn't like. But when the game offers you a gaming experience that you cant get anywhere except on the ps3, well. You have to take the good with the bad. I'm sure more games like Uncharted will be developed in the future seeing as how we are only into the second year of the PS3. Where as the 360 is maxed out and releasing flops like Too Human\LOstOdyssey\all the JRPG's, without optional or mandatory installs. Too Human though streams, but its still a flop.

Its a hard choice though seriously. I ask myself what would I rather be doing? Playing amazing games after installs, or playing "damn another xbox360 game flopped but im going to pretend its good and buy it anyway, but man its like every release of 08 has flopped.. when is halo4 coming out..." I think I'll take the installs. I take em on my PC, I take em on my ps3, and I'll take them when Online games require HDD's plus spending $100 just to do so..

So yeah, does that answer your question? Or was I supposed to pretend that installing things is an antiquated process, like swapping discs or waiting for your 9th failed 360 to be mailed back to you?

As bloodmask said:

"Common sense would tell you that games streaming off the HDD is faster than disk read speed."

So maybe you should think before you waste my time again.

badz1493780d ago

but it's funny to see blademask reply to bloodmask and then they argued with each other! how cute...because I always kinda thought the 2 of you are actually brothers!

solidsnakus3780d ago


"I can go and give a quick bj or hj while its installing"

zo6_lover273780d ago

"What's it like having a PS3 that loads so slow that installs are MANDATORY?"

That's not the point of mandatory installs, a game plays smother from the HDD. There are more reasons but I can't gather my thoughts ATM.

There are games on the ps3 that only use the HDD for load times, on these games you have OPTIONAL installs.
Examples of such games are GT5p and Soul Caliber 4

Developers have pushed for mandatory installs on the 360 because it will allow them to do much more with the game.

solidsnakus3780d ago

the ps3 NEEDs hdd installs cause the blue ray player is only 2x speed. withought it its just really slow to read all that from disk alone. see , and people said the arcade unit was a bad thing. MS outsmarted sony and made full HDD game installs so now no more spin noise and faster load times. and its completely optional.

on a side note, im actually glad MS isnt realeasing games over live like sony is. downloading games over the network is just a big ass ripoff cause you cant trade them in.

sack_boi3780d ago

why are people complaing? Optional HDD install is still a good thing, no matter how you spin that. It's !optional!

3780d ago
theEnemy3780d ago

MGS4 uses a dual-layered Blu-Ray Disc (50GB)

I guess you just copy-pasted your reply w/o editing it.

Oh btw, Halo 3 is already released.

Good thing there are sites like that so that those ignorant fanboys will be enlightened that the speed of a blu-ray drive is different from the speed of a dvd drive.

2x speed of a blu-ray drive =/= 2x speed of a dvd drive.

thewhoopimen3780d ago

Well here is food for thought. Assuming that a 2x bluray has about the same streaming rate as a 12x dvd drive, would the MB/s speed be fast enough to stream 25-50GB bluray disc vs. a 4.7-9.4GB DVD?

The Lazy One3779d ago

Yea... and when I needed a fork to eat with I went straight to boston store and buy a gold plated flatware set.

Obviously if you take the most expensive route with the highest cost options it's going to cost you more. Don't blame M$ because you're dumb.

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