GameSpot: Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise Review

GameSpot writes: "For those who have always dreamed of cultivating a garden full of living pinatas without being tethered to a home console, the Viva Pinata franchise has finally made its portable debut. Pocket Paradise is a surprisingly faithful conversion that condenses the animals, plants, and micromanagement options that made the Xbox 360 original so enthralling into a DS game. The slower pace and in-depth tutorials make this a good entry point for people overwhelmed by the often chaotic flow of the console games, but Viva veterans may find themselves struggling to stay awake as they plow through hours of gardening before the more interesting animals start to arrive. Pocket Paradise can satiate your desire to romance a family of whirlms while you're on the road, but it lacks the unrelenting grip that makes the console versions impossible to put down."

The Good

* Tons of depth and replayability
* Graphics are technically impressive
* Collecting pinatas is extremely rewarding
* Touch-screen controls are tight and precise

The Bad

* Rewards system is far too slow
* Animals aren't very cute

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