GRAW 2 - Screenshot Update

As you can see in these new screenshots GRAW2 will allow you to control secondary units that can help you out of a range of heavy situations. Dropping into the Full Picture mode of the improved Cross Com 2.0 system will allow you to pinpoint the exact area you wish your support to move to/destroy, by manipulating the on-board camera's targeting reticule. Mexican loyalists will also come by to give you a hand and although they won't be under your direct control they'll still help in stopping plenty of incoming bullets as you advance across the dusty terrain.

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THWIP5234d ago

...for Ubisoft to make a TRUE next-gen shooter, that isn't based off the PS2 hardware, and/or their last-gen engines. So far, Assassin's Creed looks to be their only real next-gen offering.

bumnut5234d ago

to me it looks the same as graw 1, i think ubisoft need to fix the online too, so you can just join in a game and start playing like in cod3. i hate having to wait 10 mins to get into a game only to have the host quit.

FamoAmo5234d ago

What are you guys talking about? GRAW 1 was the best shooter until GOW was released and it came out last march. GRAW2 is gonna be simlilar to #1 except better graphics, explosions, etc... GRAW kicks [email protected]@

power of Green 5234d ago

I agree with everything but one aspect of the graphics, in GRAW 2 the colours are too bland with a PLAYSTATION 3-like tint, kind of ugly. It seems that it almost looks more cartoony And PLAYSTATION-ish.

THWIP5234d ago (Edited 5234d ago )

No, GRAW was still based off the XBOX/PS2 hardware, and used a modified last-gen engine (just like they modified the Chaos Theory engine for SC:DA). The 360 version looked a lot better, but only due to better explosions, and higher poly counts and texture quality. R6:V is also based off of last gen, but it's still quite a bit better than GRAW, IMO.

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