First ingame gameplay video's spotted from MLB 2K7

Though the fact that Major League Baseball 2K6 on Xbox 360 was a disaster, 2K Sports is currently very busy with making MLB 2K7 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 2 and Xbox. Today the first ingame video's from the Xbox 360 version have been spotted.

Check out the windeffects on the shirts from the batter and pitcher. Amazing! MLB 2K7 will release in US sometime in March.

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Jak4ever5234d ago

Whoah, did i just see the hotdog vendor sell a hotdog and go up to the next row and do the same?

No more cardboard cutouts of fans!!!!!

This game looks SICK.

Now im seriously dying to see what Theshow 07 looks and plays like.

METS 2007!!

dork5234d ago

these are some of the best looking graphics ever

the players look so real, they move real and everything

cannonsimp245234d ago

the only thing is that the marlins have never had that many people at a game. I will wait for the reviews for this because i wasted 60$ on it last year

Optimus Prime5233d ago

ea needs to trade exclusives. give then back the rights to NFL and get the rights back to MLB. Please, MVP 05 was the best baseball game to date, by far. 2k just screws up big time on the baseball thing. no baseball for me this year. GO REDSOX!

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