Metal Gear Online Patch 1.12 Released.

Ver.1.12 Update information:

The following problems have been fixed

When a host leaves a game, the position of host is automatically forwarded to someone else. When someone else filled the free 16th slot, the player would be invisible to the new host.

The game would sometimes freeze if a player would invite a Clan Member while in Survival mode.

The day of the week of "Match Time" was not correctly displayed when viewing the rules in the Survival Lobby.

The following game specifications have been changed:
The motion of reloading the shotgun cannot be canceled by equipping a box or changing weapons.

Change of weapon specification:
Saiga 12's cost changed from 8000DP to 5000DP.
G3A3's cost changed from 5000DP to 4000DP.

Change of skill specification:
"NARC" Lv2's cost from 1 to 2
"NARC" Lv3's cost from 1 to 3
*With this change, all skills will be temporarily removed, but players will be able to put them on again with the existing skill points

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PirateThom5756d ago


Nope, game still hasn't been moved to PSN.

KingDizzi5756d ago

MGO was awful but considering it was a free be with the main game it was a nice addition. Of course it was all a marketing ploy for people to get addicted to MGO and but the full game but Konami forgot to make MGO good.

ShinMaster5756d ago

MGO is pretty good. It's pretty addicting.
You gotta look at it as if you were playing single-player mode, but with more people.
It's not super fast-paced like other shooters.

silverchode5756d ago

i agree, once you get used to it, it becomes quite addicting. most of the people who dont like it are the ones who get owned because they are not used to the controls, at least thats how it was for me.

Solid_Snake6665756d ago

says the fanboy even though he never tried it or even has a ps3 but he says its horrible..go figure

MiloGarret5756d ago

Disliking a game does not make you a fanboy, calling people fanboys for disliking a game does. MGO, is awful, and not because I get owned, but because it sucks. I also hate Halo, LBP and I can't stand the sight of Banjo Kazooie. It doesn't make me a fanboy, just a conscious gamer with certain gaming preferences.

And @KingDizzi: Why wouldn't it be free? Last I checked MP is very much part of most games, for free... It'd be weird if they charged for it, especially when it's crap.

Finally, on topic: Ok, great for those who like and play it.

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Tweeperz5756d ago

woOot see you online!!!!!!!

Spread Butt Cheeks5756d ago

This website was brought to you buy Microsoft's ASP .NET and SQL Server. Every time you visit this site you are supporting Microsoft :) :)

See how all of these webpages end with ".aspx"?

pwnsause5756d ago

yes they do, about a good 3,000 a day.

chidj25756d ago

what the fu*k!!!!!

when they release patch for the lag im going to play again MGO

i have 4 mb download and 512 upload

and LAGS what the hell :S

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Online services for MGSV:TPP (Xbox 360, PS3) and GZ (Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4) to be terminated

Konami has shared an announcement on the official Metal Gear portal site stating that the online services for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be terminated on May 31st of 2022. This only affects the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. Both MGSV itself and its multiplayer component Metal Gear Online will be shut down on that date. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will also lose its network service on the same date, but this time it also affects the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game.

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Nyxus1017d ago

MGS4 servers were closed after only 4 years, by the way https://www.metalgearinform...

Welshy1017d ago

Don't remind me, my favourite online game of all time :(

Giblet_Head1017d ago

It's been brought back with RPCS3, if you're curious to get back into it.

SegaSaturn6691017d ago

I played this game recently. This is a problem because infiltrating online bases is by FAR the best way to get money.

During the actual game i made a few mill doing story missions, and procuring equipment, but with the online wallet, I had 100m+ in a few hours.

Not to mention you'd need to create online FOBs to max your gear.

Was hoping there would be a next gen patch to make the idroid a little less laggy. Really, a masterpiece of a game.

SDuck1017d ago

And that's why online elements in single player games will never be welcomed by me

MasterChief36241017d ago

Remember that the services for Phantom Pain on Xbox One, PS4 and PC are still going to be online. But it is only a matter of time, I suppose.