Leaked Killzone 2 Multiplayer Beta Was Not Obtained Early

GameXtract writes "If you have been following the Killzone news lately then you might have seen the so called leaked footage of a multiplayer level of Killzone 2. The guy had a cocky ego announcing that he "pwnd" Sony. Well to bring you guys back down to earth MotherH from the Playstation forum boards cleared up the situation."

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Rock Bottom3744d ago

Someone might be waiting for the firing squad.

KingDizzi3744d ago

Seems as though Captain Obvious has began writing articles at gamextract now.

geda3744d ago

wait, i thought he said he "pwnd" the people on the forums who told him he was lying about having the beta. i don't think he said anything about sony.

airheadluffy3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

im guessing they didnt even read the description under the video.

CViper3744d ago

People said he was lying, and didn't have the beta.. So he posted the vid.

Had nothing at all to do with Sony..

Why was this approved again?

Kleptic3743d ago

yeah, he was directing the video towards trolls on GT that claimed he wasn't in it...

why he risked that and posted it just to prove to random idiots on the internet is beyond me...I am just glad I got to see the video before it was ripped down...

VF34EJ253744d ago

Basically that person works for them and is party of the internal beta team.

Captain Obvious says he's not working there anymore.

tocrazed4you3744d ago

That employee is fired by now if they found out who he/she is.

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The story is too old to be commented.