PS VR Launch Titles File Sizes Revealed; Driveclub VR, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Arkham VR & More

The file sizes for several PS VR titles, including Driveclub VR and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, have been revealed via the PS Store.

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ArchangelMike2850d ago

Can we pre-load before release day?

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Omran2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

The spam message under my
comment it's 69 for a reason :)

bouzebbal2849d ago

i feel like most of these games are still only tech demos.
There is no 10+ hour gameplay experience only on VR.

2hour batman for 20$ is too much imo. It should be free or 5$ at most.
Let's see how they support VR in the future.

Barricade2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

You have RIGS, which is a multiplayer game that'll get you way more than 10 hours. EVE and driveclub will have more than 10 hours too, and DC is only $20 if you have the season pass. Please don't state false information as facts.

SojournUK2849d ago

You would pay $20 for a 90min movie in the cinema, 2hr batman vr $20 take my money

InTheZoneAC2849d ago

And that $20 movie will be watched several times in it's lifetime, while most games are beaten once by me. There are the few exceptions that get hundreds of hours or more.

i get your point, but it doesn't always apply to every game, especially a demo.

raztad2849d ago


He said "in the cinema". There is also replay value in many games.

I dont agree with "it should be free". There has to be some incentive for developers to get into VR.

UCForce2849d ago

Dude, those are not tech demo.

bouzebbal2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

that's my point.. tech "demo" is still a "demo".. why pay for it?
I want all of the released things but other than a few exceptions like Farpoint, and i want to play Rez VR. Until Dawn is a short gameplay experience, and so are all the line up games

Skankinruby2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

I was thinking the same thing. Not sure I'm keeping my pre order I might wait it out and see how well this thing flourishes first.

Goldby2849d ago

if it was the way you want it to be, there would be no future for Vr.

giving away a game for free, get out of here man

bouzebbal2849d ago

You are very short in your analyse.. I said I want real games worth investing in VR for, not 99% tech demos. Move came with good games, VR has mostly tech demos and I want to make sure they will support it for years to come.

mogwaii2849d ago

I thought the same about the batman vr game until i thought about how much a blu ray movie costs or to even go to the movies and then it didnt seem so bad a price but in saying that in gaming terms it seems a tad steep.

Wallstreet372849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

Of course you feel that way. If it was Nintendo with their regurgitated, same gameplay bs you'd say its "magic" lol smfh

What don't you get? You can't quantify the length of VR games as if they were regular games. The experience alone adds value and replayability. Add to that that some VR experiences are purposely tailored to be shorter experiences than others due to feed back and many ppl saying that VR lends itself better to short bursts of gameplay.

And like the poster below mentioned....
Eve Valkyrie
Far point

Etc... Are all longer experiences

S2Killinit2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

that's a misconception created because of PS VR Worlds game (which is a number of different experiences). The rest are actual games.

Ps: we do also have short games in batman and starwars but thats about it. The rest of the 50 games coming before christmas are games.

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King_Lothric2849d ago

I read a preview of the Batman VR game and it was very positive. The feeling of being the Batman alone justified the experience. Can't wait to try it.

The wait is getting harder

Barricade2849d ago

I'm not that interested in Batman VR myself, so that's one of the few titles I haven't tested yet. I tried Driveclub and that just blew my mind, I remember vividly taking a turn and being blinded by the sun. The immersion is unbelievable. I also tried and enjoyed Battlezone a lot. EVE blew my mind (tried it on Oculus), I actually thought I was in space when I was playing that game. I

think VR will shine the most in racing/flying games (looking forward to Ace Combat), and in time first person shooters will get fun to. I saw a kid playing one on the HTC Vive and that game looked like a blast.

VR is here to stay, I think most people that've tried it themselves will tell you it's the future of gaming. And it has a lot of potential outside of gaming too. Great times ahead for tech enthousiasts!

S2Killinit2849d ago

Looks like the file sizes are reasonable. Im just glad my Pro is arriving soon so i dont have to worry about file sizes for a while.


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ApocalypseShadow1933d ago

One of the best reasons for VR:simulators.

But you would think something as easy as Need for Speed: No Limits VR could be ported to PSVR, Quest, PC VR,etc. to make it even better without the drift. Nope. It's EA. Those lazy bums. No wonder I boycott them.

Jakens1933d ago

It would be great if we get GTR 3 and the newest Assetto to home consoles and with VR support.


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ApocalypseShadow2034d ago

Games are subjective I guess. But this list is weak. Some of the titles named aren't that good. I could have came up with a better list. And some of the best and latest releases aren't even on this list.

Article could have been better.


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ApocalypseShadow2073d ago

Very good deals out there. And I believe beat saber releases Tuesday. Good times.