Sony admits Emmy confusion

Sony America has explained away a misleading press release earlier this week suggesting its PlayStation 3 controller had won an Emmy by admitting it was confused about the technology being honoured.

"I accepted the award myself and all they said was that the award was for 'technological innovation for device controller'," Sony America PR man Dave Karraker told, "but looking back, they never really did say for which one."

Interestingly, Karraker also said that NATAS had approved Sony's original press release claiming the award for Sixaxis, which goes some way to explaining how the confusion arose.

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Boink5239d ago

would you like some ketchup to help you eat your words?


BIadestarX5239d ago

Like usual Sony fail to mention the most important details.

USMChardcharger5239d ago

with sony's mistakes,(and to be nice)stretched truths, and bad press you guys can officially retire from trying to convince others why not to go with sony.
Sony is doing an admiral job of that themselves.