Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft's BlueTrack Mouse Technology

Norman Chan writes:

"The next-generation of Microsoft mice has arrived and – surprise! – this peripheral don't feature any fancy lasers. The new Explorer mouse is the first that sports Microsoft's new proprietary Bluetrack technology, something they've been hinting at on their website for the past few weeks. The big innovation is that a BlueTrack mouse will work on virtually any surface type, whether its granite, wood, or even carpet (glass and other reflective surfaces are this mouse's kryptonite)."

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GameOn4313d ago

"The physics is similar to that of the “blue light” used in crime-scene TV shows to examine surfaces for police investigations."

Isn't that UV light as in bad for you?

Any way, woooo an amazing mouse. Amazingly expensive that is.

Stickguy2594313d ago

Do you plan on having the mouse sit on your face?

deeznuts4313d ago

what about ... uh ... happy stains on your PC table!

Panthers4313d ago

Thats it, I cant get this mouse. Guests would see things...

Stickguy2594312d ago

I never thought of that, that's gross.

You're gross.

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badz1494313d ago

I'm tired of playing catch-up with technology! laser mice are still pretty much very expensive and not yet too widely recieved but the new one is coming! here I am still using regular optical mouse which is still doing a pretty good job! what's the point of having a little bit more dpi? I still don't understand as I've used a laser mouse on my friend's PC before but it doesn't feel 'that' much better than the one I'm using

TapiocaMilkTea4313d ago

Definitely not revolutionary. It can't even be used on reflective materials, the only problem I've had with optical. Yes, my optical mouse works on carpet too, no big deal, and I don't need to spend $99.

thehitman4313d ago

I thought it maybe was something good MS finally developed. I dont see ANY difference between an optical and this bluelight thing. Once I seen doesnt work on glass I threw this out the window as another thing MS trying to rip ppl off with. You can get a wired optical mouse for like 20 dollars and a wirless for no more than 40 dollars why would som1 pay $100 dollars for a blue light?

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