TXH Asks... Is Forza Horizon 3 really THAT good?

Neil writes "Unless you've been living under a rock, at the back of a cave hidden somewhere on the other side of Mars, you would know that Forza Horizon 3 released on Xbox One and PC recently. As the latest Horizon title to bring open world racing to the masses, it was always going to be nailed on to be a success. But quite honestly the overall feedback from players and critics alike has pointed to Playground Games, Turn 10 and Microsoft Studios delivering a game of the very highest quality."

But is it really as good as the reviews hint at?

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oKidUKo2842d ago

It is very familiar but if it isnt broke... dont fix it. Looks glorious and theres loads to do.

SniperControl2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

It's a great game, but C'mon......really?...... thexboxhub.com........what else are they gonna say, lol

Chris122842d ago

What virtually every other website has said, it's a stunning game.

XStation4pio_Pro2842d ago

They have negative Xbox reviews.

memots2841d ago

The original Horizon was already great. Not sure why this one would fail at doing the same thing.
Like you said don't change a winning formula.

pandehz2842d ago

Incredible game. This year, two games have hooked me completely. This and Overwatch.

Perjoss2842d ago

Yep these 2 titles have stood out the most this year for me too.

sammarshall1022842d ago

Yep FH3 has everything you could want in a racing game beautiful visuals, great gameplay, lots to do

SCW19822842d ago

Don't forget horrible Aussie impressions and lots of cheesy dude bro mentality. In all honesty though the game is freaking fantastic I just wish they could do away with the whole "we are a totally amazing awesome cowabunga bodacious festival." Its always felt a bit too "try hard" for my taste. That being said, once you get past that the driving and world are so well realized its easy to forgive. But come on companies the average gamer is 32, this game would be just as awesome and well received without all the "cool kids" crap thrown in, the industry needs to stop making most games feel like they are targeted at the 15-20 yr old crowd. (Looking at you Watch Dogs 2.)

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Lennoxb632842d ago

It really is. Forza Motorsport 7 is really going to have to bring it next year.

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LexHazard792842d ago

Oh I have no Doubt that Forza 7 will match it...but in different ways. To me the intensity and grind of Forza 6 is as much fun as open world racing of Forza Horizon2 or 3. Its hard for me to explain but I know there might be others that know what Im trying to say...right? Lol....

Immorals2842d ago

Yes. I played the hell out of Horizon 1/2 and 3 still manages to feel fresh and at the same time add new things. Not got Internet currently, so that's gonna open it up even more when I do!