Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe: High Quality Raiden Render

Last week we gave you the first look at the low quality render for Raiden, and this week we have the high quality render for you which you can find after the jump.

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farhsa20083716d ago

this is the game to get, cannot wait

hay3716d ago

This doesn't look like render to me. Anyways, I lost my heart for MK's after MK2...

AssassinHD3716d ago

The inclusion of the DC characters notwithstanding, they seem to be going back to their MK roots with this one. You might want to give it a chance.

farhsa20083716d ago

it always surprises me when people say mk2 was their favourite, my personal favourite was mk 4, i love that game, still play it to this day, have ut on both ps1,n64 and pc

Genki3716d ago

have shin guards, forearm guards, a crotch flap, and a vest.

AuburnTiger3716d ago

well why do soccer players wear shin guards? Probably so they don't get kicked in the shin.

Genki3716d ago

but good point.

I was insinuating that the character designs are uninspired, and they seem to have a checklist of sorts. Each character dresses way too similar IMO, they need something to distinguish them. Notice how the most distinguished characters are the ones from the first couple of games. People like Kai, Jarek, Shinnok, Mavado, and what not, nobody cares about.

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