What does it take to run Forza Horizon 3 at 1080p60?

Digital Foundry:
Right now, the bottom line is that while a smooth 60fps is possible, the raw brute force required to get the job done on the higher presets is likely beyond the reach of most mainstream gaming PCs, and that's a shame, because the experience clearly benefits immensely. Disabling MSAA is the first step on the journey to a smoother ride, but even doing that comes with some reservations - Xbox One runs with 4x MSAA and it looks great. Even at 4K, no multi-sampling can lead to some intrusive visual artefacts - especially on pixel break-up on power lines. Obviously, these become more of an issue as you scale down resolution. Quite why MSAA is an issue at all - and why enabling it even causes performance issues at 1080p with the fastest single-chip GPU money can buy - is something of a mystery.

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maybelovehate2842d ago

The higher presets are meant to push the boundaries. Not sure what that is surprising. It is like that with every graphically intensive game.

SCW19822842d ago

I understand what your saying but when 1070 and 1080 cards are having a hard time with 60 fps and MSAA on that is a problem with optimizing.

maybelovehate2842d ago

On the high presets.. Which again is expected. You can easily get 60fps and 1080p by altering your settings. On Ultra you will need to set it to 30fps for all the bells and whistles if you want a steady frame rate unless you have hardware that can brute force the issue as the article says. This isn't unique to Forza Horizons. Ultra is not meant for the every day PC. I can make any game that is graphically intensive crawl on the highest settings. And there are no open world racing PC games that come close to the graphics of Forza Horizons 3. Not even remotely close.

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SCW19822841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

If you really think that the 1070 and 1080 cant handle all the bells and whistles of this game at 60 fps ultra on an i7 CPU than you are drastically underestimating the power of these cards. These two cards with that CPU are not considered the "everyday PC."

maybelovehate2841d ago

I know they can't. I know that even multiple 1080's in an SLI setup are not good enough for Ultra in some games. These settings in many cases are meant to push the boundaries of what is possible. And what is possible in PC gaming can get very ridiculous.

Kryptix2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

The GTX 1080 has 5+ teraflops, that's enough to put this game on Ultra at 1080p 60fps. It's not even in 4k.

Let's be honest, this game is not optimized well on PC and you know nothing about power. Even Battlefield 1 on Ultra didn't have issues like this and that game is pushing graphical boundaries and has more things happening on screen. Funniest part? That was a beta and alpha build.

EDIT: LOL Once again, you fail, miserably and that's understandable from a person that knows nothing about anything. The GPU completely renders what's mostly in front of you, not everything that's miles away from you. So it wouldn't matter how big the maps are, it's not the GPU's job to put the rest of the data in memory, that's the RAM.

And it wasn't just the desert map that was under test, and that other map ran well, too. It's ok though, ^_^ you tried your best.

"Battlefield will most likely..." Most likely, even you don't know precisely. lol
"Almost all large array based calculations will be done on the GPU if they are time sensitive"
Like I said, it "completely renders" what's mostly in front of you, (and around) not something miles away. That texture data from miles away is kept in the RAM ready to be loaded into the GPU when it needs it. Do you really think games like Minecraft and No Man's Sky huge areas get fully rendered into the GPU? The whole universe? No. Don't believe you do it for a living. People only say those words when they're trying hard to get whatever no sense point across. Being open world doesn't change anything, the CPU and RAM still have a job to do. It's not the 90s anymore, those 2 parts have become more efficient. Also, BF1 has more graphical physics going on than Horizon 3, like explosions, air and land vehicles, horses, body physics, dust, smoke, weather, buildings or landmarks being destroyed, trains...still runs smoother on Ultra and it was in alpha and beta. Polygon count also gets reduced the farther objects are, reducing the load in the GPU. Once again, you're making up explanations as you go. It's getting cute seeing you try.

maybelovehate2841d ago

As big as the maps are in Battlefield, let's be honest and realize that driving through one in Forza would take maybe 5 seconds? Battlefield is not an open world game with a lot of streaming of content. The battles take place on a single map at a time. The game is not streaming in the entire continent of Australia at one time. In the case of the beta it was a barren desert which had very little in the landscape besides sand on rocks.

maybelovehate2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Actually it matters very much. This isn't the 1990's where the CPU did all the heavy lifting before render. The GPU does a lot more than just render the current frame in a game. Almost all large array based calculations will be done on the GPU if they are time sensitive. Plus if you do not have to stream textures you do not have to worry about the GPU memory constantly swapping. Battlefield will most likely be storing everything it needs for the map in memory without swapping. Most racing games are also able to do this, but not an open world game like Forza Horizons where you cannot predetermine everything in memory since you can travel to any location in the game. But what do I know, I only do this for a living.

Edit: making up explanations? If you cannot see that a single map is easier to plan memory around than a open world I am not sure what to tell you. But to each their own. Believe what you will.

Sephiroushin2841d ago

"Ultra is not meant for the every day PC"
1070 & 1080 are not everyday PCs, those cards should be able to handle this game easily, yet they don't. It's a problem of optimization even the $1000+ GPU Titan X drops in frame when msaa is turned on which is just sad...

maybelovehate2841d ago

Titan X drops frames on Witcher 3 on Ultra as well. Quite badly actually. I rarely ever run games on Ultra on the Titan X if I want a solid frame rate. Titan X and 1080 are very nice graphics cards but they are not capable of running ultra settings on most games by themselves. Ultra is just that. Meant for machines with multiple GPU's. But Titan X and 1080 can run games very nicely with reasonably high graphics settings.

Unspoken2840d ago

Do you own the game or either card?

SCW19822841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )


Sorry but you really need to do your research a little more. Your claims of knowing what those cards can and cant do are completely out of touch with reality. I do not mean you any disrespect but your flat out wrong on this one.

maybelovehate2841d ago

Is it? I game on a Titan X which is pretty comparable to 1080. I also design 3d graphics and work in 3d rendering. I am also a hobbyist game developer. I am used to running Farms of 50+ PC's for rendering because I know just how limited a single GPU is in the actual world of computing.

Sephiroushin2841d ago

Yea but its not like it has been trying to be achieved on 4k... A Titan X is way stronger than a xbox scorpio, and that has not even released, thats why the game need more optimization, if it can run on xbox one it should be able to run on a titan x without problems, heck a 1070 should have no problem... and SLI doesn't work on many games, where you turn it on and frames gets below 20fps, SLI and Crossfire is getting better as times go though

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Zarock2842d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

I run the game @ 4k 60fps with a 980ti and an i5
Desert Test:
City Test:

SniperControl2842d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

I call BS on that.

I have a OC 980ti and i7 and it runs like total crap at 4k@60.


Of course they do, but according to DF, the game is very CPU bound, a i5 would cause serious bottleneck on that GPU running at that res.


Oh, i've got one ok, my PC usage is well documented on here, if you want to play a game at xbox settings be my guest, but stop trying to imply everybody with problems on PC is down to user error, you sound like a arrogant master race PC gamer.

For the record, i am a 15 year IT veteran who currently works in the IT department of a luxury car manufacturer based here in the UK, i know my 5h1t when it comes to PC's.

BossBattle2842d ago

There's more to a setup than graphics card. The other components matter too.

Zarock2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Somthing is wrong with your pc Here you go http://youtu.be/Me4ay-JXpWs
An i5 Is never a bottleneck on this gpu well only If you trust the idiots from digital foundry.

Unspoken2841d ago

Sniper you have no idea what you are talking about any more. Stop your BS trolling. I bet you don't even own a PC.

zb1ftw7772842d ago

If you point the camera to the road so no other objects are on the screen, im sure it does.