Censors Force Fallout 3 Changes

Speaking to Edge, Bethesda has explained what it calls a "misconception" regarding the classification of Fallout 3 in the Australian region. Edge has also learned that due to concerns and issues raised in the process of international classification, Fallout 3 will not contain real world drug references in any territory.

Fallout 3 was originally refused classification by the Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification, citing among other reason the in-game use of "Morphine" in order to ignore limb pain. According to the Office's guidelines, "material promoting or encouraging proscribed drug use" is refused classification.

In mid-August, the OFLC announced that a revised version of the game had been granted a rating in Australia, thanks to edits that changed the context of the in-game drug use.

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Bladeslayer4315d ago

I can't believe you guys let yourself get punk'ed like that at least Rockstar went down like pimps...

Alpha_Gamer4315d ago

oh well. Fable 2 and LBP outweigh this anyway.

Fighter4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

We live in an age filled with pu$$ies and not the good kind of pu$$ies. Just make the game M rated and if it already is then read my first sentence again.

solidsnakus4315d ago

wtf!!! DAMN YOU AUSSIES!!! DAAAMNNNN YOUUUU!!!!*shakes fist!*

Fux4Bux4315d ago

COME ON! What a joke. They're worried about video drug use as you blow off heads?

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