IGN Pure Blog: We've Got The Look

IGN writes: "PURE is an action sports game that takes people to real-world, off-road racing locations all over the world. The art team wanted to capture the scale and beauty of each environment and use its natural features to create extreme ramps, jumps and moments of exhilarating vertigo. My name is Steve Wilding and I'm the Senior Lead Environment Artist on PURE. We faced many challenges during the development of the levels and I wanted to begin this entry by briefly talking about how we selected the locations, our visual goals and an overview of creating a level."

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MaximusPrime3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

blank comment... sorry

Silogon3694d ago

Pure has 1 thing going for it that Motorstorm doesn't; the simple fact their ATV's control like ATV's and not trucks. The one thing I hated more than anything about Motorstorm, other than the fact they had no headlights to see the tracks with, was the bikes and 4 wheelers controlled just like trucks. They were useless. You didn't so much control the bike or the ATV's as you did the camera, making wide swooping turns on a bike???? Please, if anything they should've been easier to handle.

Motorstorm is set up on a fail engine. They should take the bikes and ATV's out of it; or they need to work on the physics that envolve them.