Make life miserable for cellphone thieves

USA Today writes: "Your mobile phone is stolen. Don't get mad, get even.

Maverick Secure Mobile has a new product that will make life miserable for the crook. When the bad guy tries to use your phone or changes the SIM (Subscriber Identify Module) card, there are a number of steps you can take to pester him. You can disable the stolen phone remotely, track the phone's use and retrieve your data.

How? When you install the Maverick Mobile application, you provide the phone number of a second device (called a "receiving device") on which to receive any information from the stolen phone. When you remotely retrieve your address book contacts or other data, it goes to the receiving device via SMS or text message."

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Dark_Vendetta3689d ago

I have Mobile BAK on my N82, and can confirm that it works perfectly

Julie3689d ago

I have a N82 too, how do i get the software? seems really usefull, but i don't see a way to buy it on the website.

mindedone3689d ago

Ok, so what happens when you hard reset the phone?