G4TV: 'Castlevania Judgment' Preview

G4TV writes: "Konami shares their latest vampire legacy with a preview of their upcoming fighter, Castlevania Judgment.

This title will be the franchise's debut into current home consoles. Bringing together several characters from the series's 22 year history for some "epic...EPIC combat!", Judgment puts familiar characters such as Alucard from Symphony of the Night and Simon Belmont from the first Castlevania against each other. Featuring unique Wii-motion controls, this title is looking to be a surprise hit."

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condorstrike3744d ago

no matter what people say, I think this game kicks ass, and is one of the best looking wii games out there...

N4g_null3744d ago

I think it's going to be good also. The small girl is pretty strong and having monsters on the battle field is actually a cool idea. I think the art is putting most people off but it's alright though I don't like some character designs yet the art isn't sloppy.

If you get to play it you'll see that it's a real hardcore fighter from just the early build. It reminds me of some ideas that spawned on the PS1 and of course power stone yet with a better move set.

I just think this game was made more for the Wii audience because the HD audience is proving to be more of a PC gaming audience. I hope they make the date and this is actually a very important game for them. If it does well you can expect 3d adventure games from them sooner or later. Think devil may cry with castlvania game play and 2d crafted visuals in 3d.

But who knows all the old school gamers are either gone or not posting.

N4g_null3744d ago

Another game that needs a sequel is rival schools!

TheColbertinator3744d ago

Looks great on the Wii.I like the art direction and the character models