SOCOM: Confrontation Hands-On

Console Monster takes a look at the online multiplayer Beta for SOCOM: Confronttion.

"Definition of Beta test;

The Beta test is a software version released to a limited population of users for functionality and bug test evaluation before the final release to the general user base.

So with the above in mind, and a code for the SOCOM: Confrontation Beta, I was ready to go hands-on with the game."

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PoSTedUP4320d ago

i cant take my handss-off! XD <----- da truth.

dvx uk4320d ago

agreed, the gameplay is ammense

Raoh4320d ago

agreed.. the only reason i'm not online right now is because its my first time watching bleach (just downloaded it up to episode 31) and because i dont work tomorrow so i have all night...........

cant wait for the official release

BSigel814320d ago

Hurry up and check out episode 54-60, it will change your whole aspect of Bleach. It's a really good anime