5 of the most offensive marketing stunts in gaming history

Marketing can be good, bad, or horribly offensive. Today, we take a look at the horribly offensive ones.

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SpinalRemains138837d ago

Sometimes playing preemptive offense, isn't offensive. Hmmm

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KillZallthebeast837d ago

Why does everyone need to be offended by everything.

Wordzero837d ago

You hurt my feelings. I'm offended.

Gh05t837d ago (Edited 837d ago )


SpinalRemains138837d ago

Because big Pharma needs to sell pills. First we must become collectively soft, then we have to be bombarded by pharmaceutical ads. Then we become drugged out zombies.

Angeljuice837d ago

Pharmaceutical ads? Are you American?
We don't really get them here (there's no point).

AnubisG837d ago

Because they have it too good so now they need to find something to [email protected] about.

Left wing LGBTQ SJW feminists are on the forefront of offenses taken.

Angeljuice837d ago

That really isn't relevant to the article. Anyone would be offended by advertising a videogame on real gravestones.

Bimkoblerutso837d ago


Yeah, that's kind of what I came here to say, too. Is it not possible for gamers to keep a level head with this shit!? A fedora is not going to magically appear on your head just because you think it might be the tiniest bit offensive to use gravestones for something as inane as an advertisement for a video game.

We really have to be unoffended by this ridiculous display of corporate nonsense because Anita Sarkeesian doesn't like boobs in videogames and we do?

babadivad837d ago

What's the "Q" stand for in the LGBTQ??

Has the acronym grown recently?

DarXter837d ago (Edited 837d ago )

Seriously, you think offering "poor families" money to advertise on tombstones of their deceased relatives is not taking marketing a bit too far?

Or did you not read past the headline?

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Angeljuice837d ago


He thinks that if that offends you, you must be an LGBT SJW feminist.

I wouldn't worry though, he seems so offended by LGBT SJW feminists that he must actually be one (by his own logic).

Channel-Live837d ago

People are not offended by EVERYTHING, they are offended by racism, immoral sex, murder, disrespect, and anything that causes a hurtful emotion. Advertising is NOT supposed to cause someone to feel hurt. How is that going to sell a product? If you don't find what Sony and Acclaim did offensive then clearly you're the problem.

rainslacker837d ago (Edited 837d ago )

Advertising is supposed to get people's attention. Sometimes it does that by hurting some people's feelings.

For instance, as a male, I'm offended every time ad campaigns make women look intelligent while the male in the same campaign is made to look like an idiotic buffoon incapable of making any sort of rational or well informed decision. But I often laugh at it, because it's not meant to be harmful, it's meant to be funny, and ultimately, it's directed at the female audience most likely to do the buying, and I'm not an oversensitive twat who feels the need to rally behind something just because my ego has been indirectly threatened or shattered.

The merit of having marketing that can be offensive to someone is up for debate of course, but that doesn't mean that advertising doesn't often do things that are offensive just to get attention, and those products can go on to sell well.

Sometimes it goes too far, but with most of these campaigns, I doubt anyone went out of their way to be just lacked some thought on what would be appropriate, and disregarded how negatively someone could react to it. It's the reaction that makes a ad campaign successful or not though, and even negative feelings being had can lead to successful campaigns.

zb1ftw777837d ago

Love how you put name calling right in there with murder lmao

I personally am offended by anyone who uses the word racist or xenophobic.

Most of the time it is completely unfounded.

yeahokwhatever837d ago

sense of accomplishment. yes, really.

CptFalcon836d ago

Because Westerners are becoming more and more pantsies that don't have a spine.

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Channel-Live837d ago

The Sony one was bad enough, but Acclaim was over the top with their stunts. No wonder they went belly-up. Combination of bad games and bad marketing

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TheCommentator837d ago

Acclaim also had the "Name your baby Turok" stunt.

The GOW event was both entirely obnoxious and something I would have been delighted to have attended though.

kneon837d ago

I don't have any problem with the GOW event, it is for GOW after all.

The Splinter cell one would likely have had a much more dramatic outcome if they had tried that one in the US.

SaveFerris837d ago

Definitely a crazy stunt in New Zealand for Splinter Cell. I never knew about that one, but I remember seeing the God of War advert.

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