Nintendo and the Problem of Perception

The problem most core gamers seem to have with Nintendo right now is basically one of perception. They perceive that Nintendo is abandoning them in favor of casual gamers. However, thing are not always as they appear. To illustrate this, let's look back at Nintendo's history and their previous perception problems, as well as the factors that influenced them then and now.

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Shadow Flare4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

1 of the many factors i would refuse to buy a wii at the moment is that i feel its costs far too much for what it is. It costs more then a 360...and it is essentially a gamecube. Nintendo have no reason to lower the price. Because they're selling out at this price point. But i won't buy into that philosophy. Especially when its biggest games seem to be wiisports, wiiplay and the upcoming wiimusic. I'm not Nintendo's demographic with the wii, and i bought a gamecube. I don't care whatever games people roll off but Nintendo is so focused on the casual, cutesy simpleton games that it harms the side of the games industry that actually yearn to make quality games. And yeah, i've also played a wii. Fun sure, if for a week. But i was glad to get home to my ps3

Gr814314d ago

And whats PS3's big game for the holiday? LBP? a cutesy "casual" title. Its funny I think the console with the biggest identity crisis is the PS3 it doesn't know if it wants to target Wii's expanded audience or pigeonhole themselves like M$ did. There is no game the PS3 offers atm that makes is worth the price tag.

The idea Wii has no games is interesting to come from a Sony fanboy considering PS3 has fewer games than the Wii. Most good games are multiplatform anyway so whats so compelling that I need to play those games on Sony's system? Give me 1 good reason, the controller has been the same for the past THREE generations. The HD consoles are low end PC's and the games once released on PC play better than they do on the hd consoles.

PS2 was a good system that was plagued by the same problems Wii is accused of having now "not enough good games" "too much shovelware" But guess what? The way you tell who the Market leader is is by the amount of shovelware on the system. PS2 didn't hit its stride until about 2 yrs in. And the Attach Rate 360 fans like to tout around? GC had the highest attach rate last gen. So congrads 360 is the next gen gamecube!

The Wii is the console version of the DS. Find articles on what the gaming media was saying about the DS and contrast them for the Wii they are pretty much identical, and DS is DOMINATING the portable market against a higher specs machine. Which ironically is similar to what Wii is doing against considerably more powerful spec systems. Oh and Wii sports? the game you seem to be belittling has shown to be more innovative than anything the HD consoles have offered thus far.

N4g_null4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

Shadow I think I understand you now. Perception a single unified awareness derived from sensory processes while a stimulus is present.

So you see all those specs and some normal maps and hear the cell hype and your eyes light up. Suddenly perception is a quest to fulfill that of what you first though.

Fact and ports will show you that your system is even with the xbox by way of ports and even comes up short while it is not even scratching the surface of what a $150 GPU can do on the PC.

Buying a PS3 is sort of like buying a mac. You paid a lot for it and they give you a good show to make you feel good about your purchase then you wait for reasons to use it. Hey but it looks damn good!

The problem is even though their teams are way more creative they have painted them selves into PC gaming world. Check your PC sales and SONY is at the bottom. PC gamer never wanted console arcade like games so they are fine with contras and other old school and 2d games not coming to the platform.

Yet that is the perception of a PC gamer when looking at your system.

A console gamer is just saying where are the games and like we said to nintendo during the droughts with sparse 3rd party support fuVk your promises show us games LOL.

Yet after being on the other side and helping to make some of this stuff you realize that HD art creation means even more work and even less creativity because of the way you guys view games right now.

The funny thing is SONY made casual gaming happen yet they created a blue ocean at the same time. If you remember the eye toy sold like poop on a stick yet Wii fit sales like it has magic powers. That's the blue ocean at work. SONY create their own blue ocean when they simply didn't ok certain games because they where not 3d. Now they widen the gap by making developers have to have HD like graphics which weeds out even more creative and fun games thus creating a blue ocean.

When people are ignored they don't post on forums they just don't buy. That's worst than any fan boys hate because they simply don't care. This is what fanboys of other systems are up against. yes their are new gamers out there but I'm sorry little kids and seniors are not on the 6million selling mario kart Wii. These are hardcore gamers. These are also adults around 25-35 that use to be fanboys but got tired of being fanboys. I mean really it's pointless now. They can easily afford these HD console but they drop 1500+ on PCs and real HD equipment. All they want to do is play games and if it can't beat what they have in their current box then their won't be any chip worshiping and listening to promises either show up or shut up and SONY has started doing one of those now they just need to show up. Then it all comes down to people wanting games with great controls. That use to be the hallmark of arcade success... maybe if SONY and MS had cut their teeth their they would be doing better.

SONY would be in direct competition with nintendo if only the system where cheaper which would allow more open minded people to buy it, you know the people who played games in 2d back in the day.

badz1494314d ago

for me, shadow was just giving his own OPINION towards the Wii and both of you being the 1st to reply to him/her asking him to change his perceptions and buy a Wii?? I'm totally with him on this because I buy what I want and I think it's free to express OPINIONS in here! you want facts, go read newspapers or academic books I rather say!

and it's almost funny when both of you focused all the hates on Sony when shadow clearly thinks(again, OPINION!) that 360 is better, he also bought a GC last gen and He's now happy with his PS3! why the hates guys? did Sony kill your dogs or something?

@Arius, you said PS3 has ID crisis? for your information, PS consoles have always offer wide variety of games from almost all genre since the PS1! so, what makes LBP the indicator of ID crisis? we had Singstar, Buzz, eyetoy and many cutesy games on PS2 last gen and suddently when Sony announced LBP, they have ID crisis? M$ is pigeonholing themself? so, what is Viva Pinata? Banjo? You're in the Movie? Lips? 1vs100? Bee Movie game anyone? for the Wii, it also has Manhunt 2, CoD3, MoH heroes, bully, conduit, mad, following your logic, 360 and Wii also has ID crisis?

"There is no game the PS3 offers atm that makes is worth the price tag."
Since when did any console maker priced their consoles based on games? if that's true, you might want to agree that 360 which has the most and the best games should not be priced cheaper than Wii, right? last time I checked, arcade cost $199 vs the Wii $250! can you see the flaws in your argument? the PS3 is priced as it is because of the features included in it! please tell me if you can buy a PC that can do everything the PS3 can do for $400! BD drive, Built-in Wi-fi, wireless controller, GPU at least GF7900 with 256MB, plus XDR RAM for CPU! I'm sure you can't because they are inexistent!!

sure, multiplats games will look better on a powerful PC! you can say that for 360, but are there GTAIV or Halo3 yet? any PS3 exclusive? MGS4? Uncharted? R&C? Resistance? Motorstorm? or even Haze or Lair? all Wii games? sorry mate, even if you have the most powerful PC on earth, doesn't mean that you got the best of everything because you can never ever play those games that I've mentioned bar GTAIV and Halo3 because they are not there or at least not yet for the PC! in order to have the best of everything, you should just had to have everything!

@runner, I respect your personal perceptions towards Sony(interestingly, not M$), and the Mac analogy is kinda good! but why Sony creating a blue ocean by introducing unorthodox games last gen like eyetoy, buzz and singstar was a bad thing?? they were willing to venture to a new dimension of gaming thus giving more choice and games for everybody and that's bad?? then Ninty exploited it even deeper with the Wii and kinda succeeded with it and suddently Sony's new effort is pointless? ok, the PS3 is $150 more expensive then Wii but can you tell me any game on Wii looks better than the coming LBP and eyepet? come on, props for them for trying and no one is forcing you to buy it! the price will come down eventually down the road comparing the BD-playing PS3 to even-can't-play-DVD movies Wii is just plain unfair! they cater a different market!

N4g_null4314d ago

SONY created the blue ocean by forcing developers to make mostly 3d games even though the tech was not ready. All the game I'm playing on the VC where the legacy of console gaming and arcade gaming. They simply where not welcome in the early days. Another thing is SONY made the blue ocean even bigger when they upped their price. Technically they even made a blue ocean for some developers because when you make a system you server gamers and developers. I remember being happy with a few games on the PS brand but not the way I felt about my 16 bit systems and their arcade big brothers.

Nintendo did pop games right and they made them about timing and skill. systoy, buzz where not that great and singstar was mostly a hit in EU. I don't remember any one with that game over here. If it was so great then why not release it now to help sales?

Come on LBP and eyepet? Really and you want me to say which one looks better? Really I though this was about games if I wanted to look at them I have hard drives full of screen shots. Really if you want to know I'm really liking fragile that game has some serious talent behind it then you have sky crawlers man that game is looking good. Almost good enough for sega to get jealous and do another after burner. Also No one cares about BD playing any thing. I can get a BD drive for my PC and even a writer. If you are all about looks then why no PC? I mean if your going to be a serious graphic whore then do it right.

sumfood4u4314d ago

Your Right on the Money, about the Wii. I'm a Wii owner an i enjoy my Wii but I'm Real Pissed about the Amount of Space you get over Price. I like how Wii lets you play old school an Remenice over what made you a gammer but I hate how they made a 1/2 A$$ attempt of makings us buy games with a lot of MB per game & you have to keep on downloading erase downloading erase. I'm also sick of people that dissagree with me an other that only want Wii to add more space like 20GB, they only give us like 512MB. & my SSBB has 128MB an I'm not erasing that with my mariokart licens almost all lvls have 2-3 stars with 28MB. so all I'm saying is Wii is a bit better than the Gamecube, but only a bit do to lack of space." I like Virtual & Wii Ware but I see whats the reason of trying to download the games you love if most games ask for NES~102MB to SNES~237 per Download Space." Thats the average of games trying to download. so you have to Download & Erase download Erase. That the only Gripe & opinion I have with Wii & its Space. Until Wii does something about this its only Cheating its self!

nieto4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

here's your argument completely destroyed. *numbers means the paragraph i am responding. ;-D

1- the difference with LBP and the casual games on the Wii it's that LBP has depth. the games focus it's creativity where then you could play too. it has an amazing amount of customization to create levels. most games on the Wii are just for the fun of the moment, for example: "Wii Sport", what you do on that game? just swing the controller nothing more but it is the best selling game on the Wii and the one people play most.

1- and that what you called identity crisis i call it variety.

2- in your dreams would be the only place where the ps3 would have fewer games than the Wii. and multiplat or not those games are a lot better on the ps3 than the Wii. Wii graphics capabilities are so low that when you play a multiplat game on that they are so different from the original that it is just a different game.

2- you compare PC with console because the Wii can't compete but you know that games like Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Ratchet & Clank are not going to come to PC, besides consoles are better because the games are made specifically to run with their specs so no more GPU upgrades and that.

3- i don't even understand your point here but like i said the Playstation brand it's recognized thanks to the variety they offer. PS2 has a Big library of Rpg's like FFseries, Shadow Hearts series, etc. it has a BIG library of action games like Shinobi, DMC series, God of War, Onimusha etc. it has a decent FPS library like Killzone, Call Of Duty, etc. it has a BIG library of platformers like Ratchet & Clank and Jak & Daxter, ect. and it got a few casual games like the eye toy, the Dance Dance revolution pad and other awesome games like Ico or Shadow of the Colossus that i didn't mention because there are so much games on the PS2 that you know i can't mention all of them...

3- no matter the way you try to spin the facts the ps2 has an incredible selection of games and you can play them on you ps3. the ps2 wasn't a good system it is an amazing console!

4- for this i don't know what to say... the Wii it's selling like hot cakes but that doesn't make it the best console just the one that it is most profitable.

Mahr4313d ago

"for this i don't know what to say... the Wii it's selling like hot cakes but that doesn't make it the best console just the one that it is most profitable."

And the one that is the most popular.

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SinnedNogara4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

Nintendo Has Hardcore Games. Games like Metroid Prime 3 and Smash Bros. Nintendo has nothing to do with the overflow of casual and terrible games coming out for it. It is developers like 2K games, Capcom, and Konami wasting their time and the Wii's unique controller. They could be making games like Resident Evil Wii exclusives, Contra's, Bionic Commando, and reviving old franchises like Ghouls & Goblins or Gradius on the Wii. It is not the power of the system that matters. It is the games, and the developers are wasting their time with games like Action Girlz Racing (a game that will make the AVGN cry) I want games for this great and unique system!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

skyfire22614314d ago

As I recall, MK2 on the SNES didn't get censored at all after all the backlash, not sure why anyone mentions that. I guess it's true how perceptions stick even with change. it was also the better version too.

Scissor, it's shallow of me since it's off topic but I think your 100% wrong with your PS3 and mac analogy. I switched to a mac and have never been happier and use it daily. I will never go back to that windows crap (especially pista).
Same goes for the PS3, play it all the time. end rant.

bootsielon4314d ago

They definitely burn calories. I enjoy my PS3 more though

TruthbeTold4314d ago

1. Marketing and advertising does cause core gamers to become aware of games they might not be aware of otherwise. Especially 3rd party games. Think about it, especially from a Nintendo standpoint. Nerds like us notwithstanding, the average hardcore Wii owner MIGHT use the internet for game info every once in a while. Say they come across N4G? What are the chances that a game like No More Heroes is going to be on the front page? Or even in the first 3 or so pages? If anything, Mario-this-or-that is going to be up there, along with whatever game happens to be being released just then. Joe Wii owner, who plans to buy some games is definitely open to the suggestion of commercial advertisement.

2. More people than ever use gaming as a primary form of entertainment. The same number of "hardcore" games as compared to bygone era's is irrelevant. For example, I don't watch much TV anymore. I'd rather game. Therefore, I don't waste 60 bucks a month on Cable, and many months have that 60 bucks to spend on an extra game if the types that I enjoy are available. Nintendo seems to be oblivious to the fact that many gamers would rather game than pay for Cable though.

Mahr4314d ago

"Nerds like us notwithstanding, the average hardcore Wii owner MIGHT use the internet for game info every once in a while. Say they come across N4G? What are the chances that a game like No More Heroes is going to be on the front page?"

On N4G? Relatively slim. I don't think that's a really good example though, if only because -- assuming Joe Core doesn't notice the Hottest Games feature -- its top-listed articles are determined either by users themselves or the recentness of the posting. If users prefer articles about the perceived average-ness of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and whether or not it's worth the hype, then that's how things go.

On the other hand, simply typing in "Wii games" or "good/best/top/fun Wii games" or "hardcore wii games" into Google or Yahoo leads to lots of pages with recommendations for stuff to buy.

Here're some of the top links from a single Google.

I imagine similar results could be found with "upcoming wii games" or however else a query like that could be phrased.

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