EGM: More Square Enix goodness for PSP

If reports are to be believed, then it looks like PSP owners everywhere can expect more love and attention from the company which brought us chocobos: Square Enix.

Word has it that a member of the IGN boards has spotted something promising in the latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, and according to him, the magazine is dropping hints that Square Enix is going to be paying more attention to the Sony handheld. According to the Rumor Mill column,

"Square Enix is whipping up a wild lineup for PSP this year... These guys are serious too! I'm talking new games, remakes of old classics, and an all-new, unexpected Final Fantasy spinoff that will make the fanboys flip."

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Maldread5434d ago

Hope they bring out some spin-offs that are acctually worth having this time around (not like the FF7spin-off on PS2).

MySwordIsHeavenly5434d ago

I need KINGDOM HEARTS ON PSP. Even if it's just the first one again...PLEEZ do it!!! I want a dragon game on PSP too. oh...and if RE4 were on would KILL the ds...

jackie chann5434d ago

That's the problem with the psp two thirds of its games are just ports from the ps2.

People want new games that's why the ds is destroying the psp, it has games that only the ds can play.