GameZine: Euro Truck Simulator Review

GameZine Writes:

"Graphically, SCS Software has done its very best at giving the best bang for developer buck."

"The trucks themselves are detailed to the standard you'd expect, the traffic is varied, if not a little blocky and the environments are the best they could be with the scale in question."

"We'd have liked for the cities to have been fleshed out a bit more, but that's for Euro Truck Simulator expansion packs."

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Speed-Racer3717d ago

I don't think this was a fair reviewal because the game is a simulation and aimed at trucking enthusiasts across the globe. We know from the start that it's not going to be a hit game among everyone, just like a flight simulator, bus simulator, train sim, etc. I don't think your 6/10 rating is fair considering the game and its market. I've tried it and I am pretty much impressed with what there is to offer, I know it may not be fun but I like trucks as well and SCS did a good job this round. I don't expect them to make the most accurate cities just yet since they are a small company but they did a really decent job considering the firm's size. Maybe you should consider giving this game an 8/10 at least.

Speed-Racer3716d ago

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JustinSaneV23715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

I'm "hating on you" not for your report but because of your presumptuous, a-hole remarks. Would've kept this private but you had to be a stuck-up snob and block me.

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Speed-Racer3715d ago

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JustinSaneV23715d ago

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Speed-Racer3714d ago

I didnt make anything public...who told you to post my PM to you here. I know the only reason you took a dump on my initial comment is because you were mad at me for reporting your post. You pushed the line by posting what I PMed deal with that.

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