MS: No Comment On Xbox 360 Relaunch Rumor

Yesterday, Kotaku posted a suspicious rumor sourced from the VGChartz forums, one that foretold of an Xbox 360 relaunch. Said relaunch was to arrive with new, currently unannounced features, new exclusive game announcements, new free Xbox Originals, free puppies and kittens and a full service massage. Full service. It stank to high heaven of fanboy secretion, but, hey, you never know.

Well, in some cases you do know and the swift denial from G4 that it was somehow involved in a relaunch certainly helped.

Microsoft, however, has chosen not to go for flat out denial of the outlandish rumor, instead opting to not comment. "As always we don't comment on rumors or speculation," said a rep for the company. We are launching the New Xbox Experience this fall," the response reminded Kotaku, adding that they will be updated on the latest. Then there was a little smiley and that made them feel pretty good.

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mohib-uddin79865324321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

They feel they need to relaunch it why?

Do they thik the 360 has already failed?

HighDefinition4321d ago

If they would ACTUALLY try to release a 360 w/ Blu-Ray and alienate their existing owners.

I think they would, if they will is a different story.

DavidMacDougall4321d ago

Dont Sony own Blu-Ray ? I don't know how it works but if they did own it why in the hell would they give it 2 Microsoft?

Kleptic4321d ago

they don't 'own' it entirely, but they head a group of invested companies that own the patents and tech behind blu ray...

believe me...Sony is pushing for BD as a standard...a 360 getting BD is good for BD and its growth...

its a similar scenario to MS allowing Sony PC's to run Windows...they are competing in some markets, and not in others...besides...Sony would get a horrendously huge amount of money from MS to put blu ray in the 360, 720, etc...

AAACE54321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

They said relaunch Xbox "LIVE", not the xbox 360!

Pay attention... it doesn't cost much!

Anyway, if they do relaunch it, I hope they either reduce the price or make it free. And if you want the additional services like the gameshows and such... then you could pay for that. If they do make it free... they could refund peoples money as gamer points and let them buy stuff from the marketplace!

They will not add a blu-ray player or anything like it until the next console so people get it out of your head!

The DVD 9 format is limited, but that hasn't really stopped people from putting games on the 360. They wish it was bigger, but they are still working with it! Besides... with the price of the 360 hitting $199, it is safe to say the next xbox will hit in 2010, so it doesn't matter much really...

But I know the fanboys will say it does. Come on, you still have people out there thinking that most Ps3 games are using the full 50gb's, and think that alot of developers are being limited because of the 360, when in fact the developers probably never intended to use that much space in the first place!

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Shaka2K64321d ago

And force the microsoft slaves to buy another console if they want to keep gaming LMAO.

unlike Sony which continues to support the almighty PS2 and thats why they are so many Sony gamers out there who havent even bought a PS3 yet, the PS2 is the best system of all time with countless AAA's.

PS2's Sold today = PS3 sold tomorrow.

thats why microsoft and the xbox brand will always and i mean LWAYS FAIL AGAINTS SONY PS brand.

Arsenic134321d ago

Your life is filled with on the edge thrills huh?

Stickguy2594321d ago


btw, I'm loling with Arsenic, not at him.

Spread Butt Cheeks4321d ago

First, thank you for supporting Microsoft. This website was brought to you buy Microsoft's ASP .NET and SQL Server.

Isn't it amazing how Microsoft's various technologies connect you to the rest of the world?

It's funny how almost all Sony computers come with Windows installed for you. I guess Sony must really love giving MS money.

Sucks to be you Shaka. You are just another moron that cries on internet forums. You obviously skipped a lot of school. You should work on a GED.


RedVsBlue4321d ago

Sony partly owns Blu-Ray but remember Microsoft also completely owns Windows yet they allow Sony to use it on their PCs & Lap Tops


That has nothing to do with allowing. Sony don't make PC components, they buy them. Those components are mounted in a way (called PC platform) which is open and compatible with a operational system from MicroSoft called Windows.

That said, MS and Sony work together indeed. You can see some Windows propaganda on Sony Entertainment Television, as you can see Vaio bundled with Vista and Sony Ericsson/Walkmans drivers compatible with Windows.

They aren't out there hunting for each other's head. It's just business, and they make it with anyone that can mean PROFIT.

AAACE54321d ago

Sony and MS are companies who will do whatever makes them money! MS will possibly have Blu-ray in it's next xbox, and Sony will possibly have a MS program in their next PC. These companies aren't going to miss the chance to sell something, or the ability to make a sale!

If you fanboys want to see what your stubborn loyalty and hatred for a company can lead to... just look at what is going through with your way of thinking!

In business... there is no room for fanboyism!

JasonX434321d ago

You mean like when they denied that the Elite 360 was in production?

AAACE54321d ago

At the time it could have still been a prototype and they weren't sure if they wanted to release it!

Companies do things for a reason, and alot of times it seems stupid to us, but to them it makes perfect sense.