Console Monster: FaceBreaker Review

Console Monster writes: "EA Sports have a knack for boxing games, with Fight Night Round 3 really raising the bar for any contenders. You would think that for their next boxing title, EA would push the Fight Night series even further forward. It's quite a surprise that their latest boxing title is nothing like the Fight Night Series, which is a rather risky move, and unfortunately, not one that pays off.

Facebreaker is an over the top, cartoony brawler, obviously aimed at pleasing more casual gamers rather than the die hard boxing fans who appreciate Fight Night. The premise of the game is very simple. The different face buttons perform different punches, and holding the face button will dodge the corresponding punch. You can parry punches by holding the right trigger and pressing the corresponding face button. That's pretty much your lot. Using these punches, you need to build up a combo bar which gives you access to some 'breaker' moves for high damage. If you miss a punch or get hit yourself, the combo breaks. If you manage to build the meter right up you can perform a 'Face Breaker', which instantly wins the fight. It's pretty simple stuff..."

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